2,000 Wedding Budget in Houston, Texas "Please Help Need Ideas & Help with Venue" Messages in this topic - RSS

2,000 Wedding Budget in Houston, Texas "Please Help Need Ideas & Help with Venue" Messages in this topic - RSS

mfinc934897mfinc934897Posts: 2 August 30, 2012
I live in Houston & we are throwing a wedding together for end of next month & only have 2000 dollars. I have found someone to cater the food & for the cake. I only have 1300 left out of my budget to get everything else. Does anyone have ideas i am at my wits end. We are doing so quickly because my dad has been very sick & I am so afraid something will happen to him. I want something nice but simple. I still need someone to even just play cd's, a place to have & someone to marry us. HELP.......
Limo1013Limo1013Posts: 2 August 30, 2012
Guest August 30, 2012
To save a little, I recommend having the ceremony at the justice of the peace and just having the reception. You don't have to worry about hiring someone to perform the wedding or flowers for the wedding party. I also recommend getting a nice white bridesmaid dress. They're always much less expensive then a bridal gown. Instead of a professional photographer, place disposable cameras throughout the recepton. Guests can take photos at will. Print your own invitations. Most craft stores sell nice wedding stationery. Kill two birds with one stone and get the decorations from the craft store as well. Last but not least, don't sweat the small stuff. The most important part of the day is saying "I do" with the one you love and having your dad there to witness it.
mfinc934897mfinc934897Posts: 2 August 30, 2012
thanks for all the help. this is going to sound silly but we have lived together for over 20 years & never made legal. my dad was at my first wedding at the jp so wanted to do a little better this time since this will be the last time. my dad keeps on me about making legal said he doesnt want to die with the memory of marrying my ex-husband. so does anyone out there know maybe a chappel that does small service in-expensive and a hall. i just had a friend give us a huge box of decorations so wont have to buy & she had alot of mix matched invitations that she is going to print up for us. so that is a savings as well.
mingon02mingon02Posts: 3 August 30, 2012
Hello, The imprtant things you have the food and the cake, example: have your ceremony and reception at your house or someone's back yard. you can rent tables for $5.00 to $ 7.00 each. you can buy thrift store vases (they are very popular right now) they will cost $1.00 or less you can cluster 3 on a table different sizes maybe $30.00 total. You can rent white linen tableclothes for for $5.00 each. you can ask family members if they can help and bring chairs the day before to lend you for the ceremony and repurpose them for the reception. then you can get ribbon and tie little bouquets on each chair of 1 rose and greenery and hang it from the back each chair. very inexpensive but it will have a great affect. You can buy the bouquets of flowers at the market get different bouquets if you get 10 buches you will only pay $100.00. Use them for the mix match vases and your bouquet and save some for the toss bouquet. You can borrow a small table for the altar area and 2 smaller tables on the side and buy two large plants place 1 on each side and add large beautiful flowers to them. Very inexpensive and you will have your 2 Altar arrangments. Then place 2 large glass vases at the beginning of the isle with gladiolous and greenery tiger lillies, falling Ivy, roses other fillers. then buy some 3 day old buches of roses maybe 3 should only be $5.00 each bunch. Break the heads off and make your petals for the isle to run along the sides of the isle. If you are worried about Alcoholic beverages BYOB is Best for those who want to drink. you can serve punch or lemonade, coffee, Iced tea. Bring tables out from the house to use for the food and the beverages a table for the cake and use some of the flowers to decorate it. you can even buy an inexpensive Wedding album and nice index style cards to have your guest write lil best wishes on and paste them to the pages. See if you have a friend or family member that sings and plays the guitar during the dinner hour. Then appoint 1 person to play the music later for dancing. You would be surprized how many people who love you would be happy to help, you have plenty of time to prepare and you will spend less than $1000.00 for all that. The important thing is you will be married and everything will be happy and your Dad will be happy too.
Guest August 30, 2012
Contact tophatballoons.net They can do all decor at a very reasonable price.
Guest August 30, 2012
Many states have eliminated the Justice of the Peace (JP) position; however, six states still use JPs. They are Arizona, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Arkansas, so a JP is not an option for you now.
Guest August 31, 2012
You may not have the choice of JOP but there are TONS of officiants that can do the ceremony.. a great place to look for one is decidio.com.. also you have had many good suggestion and I agree with all but one...which i the table cameras.. really not such a great idea.. you will be better off finding a photography student and paying them a small fee for their time.. they at least should have the knowledge of compostion (posing) and light and they will be very familiar with their camera.. there are no do-overs for wedding photography. If you would like me to assist you in finding someone feel free to give me a call.
Grafton Photography
gardensrestaurantgardensrestaurantPosts: 3 September 30, 2012
You Could have the reception and ceremony in the same place!
Guest October 1, 2012
Georgia has JPs too.
debma953875debma953875Posts: 1 October 6, 2012
Looking for an venue for a casual and inexpensive rehersal dinner and drinks for around 30-40 people. Wedding is in Keller, Texas in June 2013
Guest October 8, 2012
are you a member of a local church? alot of the pastor marry you for free and you can use the church facility for little or nothing
Guest October 9, 2012
My mother and aunt have a small church near williwbrook in Houston. You could get married and have reception there for cheap. And they will marry you for very little. Look up divine fellowship church of Houston. I also have a set of bouquets, boutonieres wedding book flower girl basket etc all made up for a wedding my finance and I just canceled I could let you have for way cheap. Email ababettew@yahoo.com

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