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Guest Atlanta, GA November 3, 2013
I'm in the same boat as you, planning a wedding on a budget in Atlanta, GA!
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orangeblossomorangeblossomPosts: 45 November 12, 2013
please contact on 727-822-6129 they will help you.....

Randall Jamieson
candi1083218candi1083218Posts: 1 November 13, 2013
Hi my name is Candice we are lookin for an inexpensive place to get married.. I have always wanted to have a wedding but they are very expensive i have already spent $300.00 on dresses for the wedding.. I want an outside wedding somewhere nice.. no reception needed cause we are going out after.. we live in jascksonville Fl
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EclecticEntertainmentDJEEclecticEntertainmentDJEPosts: 15 December 30, 2013
How inexpensive? Are you able to be outside, maybe at a local park? You could also use their facilities (grills, picnic area, equipment).
cindy1126572cindy1126572Posts: 1 Cleveland, Texas area March 2, 2014
I am shopping for my Nephew He is on a very strict budget .. He is in a wheel chair .He has 2 small boys now will have a step daughter age 3 and now they have one on the way.. He is totally in love her and the kids are so very happy.. My nephew is very limited funds being in a wheel chair no one wants to hire him upset so Me ,his mom(my sister and my daughter and trying to get more family involved on helping . Ashely the bride to be her dad is willing to cater. I am looking for band/ venue/DJj reasonable enough to give my nephew a night / wedding to remember but I know I can not afford what he wants and we are getting or find any deals He wants the 4th week end in April and sort of a western / country type wedding we all are willing to help with physical work ..we just don't have a lot of money... please Help us
sandrafunk88sandrafunk88Posts: 2 April 22, 2014
Though you are already in Debt try to choose a place that would come in your budget and try avoiding a big guest list.
gambi1151869gambi1151869Posts: 3 Fayetteville, GA April 29, 2014
Michael Hennessee4/21, 4:52pmFestive Fun Caterers would like to offer themselves to you for your Wedding. We offer simple and classic fares, sure to tempt any palette. We can cater to all your food needs. if there is something particular you are requesting, we can prepare it.

Our Specials we are offering right now is 15% off your order or Buy 1 Appetizer get 1 Appetizer free.

Check out our Website for prices and menu items. We can work around your budget.


Michael R. Hennessee
Executive Chef/Owner
EclecticEntertainmentDJEEclecticEntertainmentDJEPosts: 15 April 30, 2014
Eclectic Entertainment with DJ E. St Paul, MN Variety of DJ Packages. VERY high energy, extremely friendly and always happy and helpful; no matter the size of your wedding...20+ to 300+.
there1154959there1154959Posts: 1 May 3, 2014
im looking for a place have my wedding in Cleveland ohio
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 312 South Portland, ME May 19, 2014
there1154959 wrote:
im looking for a place have my wedding in Cleveland ohio

Check out our Cleveland Wedding Locations and see if there is something that fits your needs.

The Goodtime III might work, and Anatomy might be perfect if you are looking for something a little different.

Good luck!
tippytoby57tippytoby57Posts: 4 May 28, 2014
Photo638735 had some good, simple ideas. What you're really shooting for are great memories, more than "great things." Any budget, any expense can create that. Go for romance, atmosphere and ambiance. I had a wedding, having spent oly $3000, although that was a number of years ago. But several people told me it was "the most beautiful" wedding they'd been to, so it can certainly be done! One other thing--If you'd like something extra, as in entertainment and are on a budget, I draw caricatures for entertainment, and I'm willing to work with anyone's budget. I'm a member of this site, and I probably have already sent you an email. My Facebook page is Marsha Eaton Caricatures. My email address if Let me know if I can be of service!
kzahnkekzahnkePosts: 1 North Olmsted, Ohio June 4, 2014
there1154959 wrote:
im looking for a place have my wedding in Cleveland ohio

I would be happy to help work with you on coordination of your event including venue, budget allocation, catering, photographer, dj and other vendors for the event. We can take your budget and provide a truly memorable event. I am an Certified Wedding Planner and can offer my Help Me Get It Done package for only $480.

It can be both time consuming and frustrating to plan your event if you are not sure where to look and what vendors are reputable. I can help with offering those vendors and reviewing contracts for you to help ensure your event is as perfect as possible.

I can also offer an additional discount at the time of signing if you pay the entire fee up front. Please feel free to visit my website at and the specific page for my package is -- also please feel free to contact me to schedule a free one hour consultation.

Best wishes!
zakhi1207004zakhi1207004Posts: 1 Tampa, FL July 27, 2014
I am in tampa fl on a budget of $4000.00 i need help!! I have no clue where to get married on the low or a reception venue on the low. I am cooking my own food. But would like a venue thats supplies decor. Please help!!
cinna1212002cinna1212002Posts: 1 arlington tx August 10, 2014
me and my fiancee getting married here in arlington tx and wanna stay with in our budget is it possible to not go over 3000

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