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chris387020chris387020Posts: 17 June 24, 2012
Hi There! As a Wedding and Event Planner, I'm always planning ahead! How about you? Are you planning a wedding or special event in 2013? If so, make your wedding/special event date pop on paper and easy to remember! Check out these catchy weekend dates in 2013 - 1.12.13, 1.13.13, 3.1.13, 3.3.13, 3.31.13, 11.3.13, 12.13.13, 12.14.13 (includes Fri, Sat, Sun dates). http://www.facebook.com/pages/Niq-Williams-Event-Management-LLC/108169452554954

Christie Niq Williams, PBC
Niq Williams Event Management LLC
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Guest June 24, 2012
I have 2 wedding for 11.12.13 despite the fact that it is a tuesday. It is cheaper for it being in the middle of the week, and there is still a play on dates
kandkfloralskandkfloralsPosts: 41 June 29, 2012
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 July 28, 2012
The play on numbers is always big with brides, and parties in general it makes it easier to remember and it does look good on paper. I have 3 weddings on 11.12.13 so yeah these play on number is cool, we also have 2 weddings on 10.11.12 and that is a thursday
Guest July 30, 2012
orangeblossomorangeblossomPosts: 45 December 26, 2012
Hello christie,
Good idea for Event in 2013.
TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 January 11, 2013
we got married on 11/11/11 smile my husband remembers that better than his own birthday!

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