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wdjones07wdjones07Posts: 3 July 26, 2012
I can help you. Where are you located?
Guest July 27, 2012
Trying to decide whether not to use a planner/decorator....A budget of 5000.00, wedding in March 2013. Need help...Summerville SC
Guest July 27, 2012
go to the local collage or technical school, if they have a Culinary department then you can get a caterer. You can get a photographer and videographer from the visiual department, you could even possably get your invitations through their arts department and a wedding coordinator through their hopsitality department. All these student would love to do the job for a fraction of the cost just to get their names out their and to get their portfolio built.
Carme917789Carme917789Posts: 1 July 28, 2012
Hi! I am trying to plan a small wedding (max of 50 people) in staten island, NY for May/June 2013. I would love to keep the cost under $2500 ( not including the dress). I am holding it at my aunts home ( backyard). I am not a big party planner, so I am unsure of what I would need or where to begin! I thought tables, chairs, a tent (just encase of the weather), food, drink, and flowers were all that would be needed, but after reading a few blogs here, I might be completely underselling this! Help anyone!?
amsle918168amsle918168Posts: 1 July 29, 2012
i need help with my $2500.00 budget wedding,i know what i want,and i know i can do it in the amount of money but my visions don't come out as planned,my wedding is april 20th 2013 we want outdoor,renassaince medievel theme,shouldn't be hard to do but i have to get everything and my bridesmaid dresses are their gifts from me,i need help please email me at amslee09@gmail.com...thank you!
itali918757itali918757Posts: 1 July 30, 2012
i am planning an oct 2013, halloween themed wedding. its both of our second marriage. we both have 3 kids they range from 20 to 4. our budget is about $5000. this is for venue food dj decorations. in Rockford IL area. any suggestions?
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 August 1, 2012
It is good to have a planner, because like an accountant you pay a planner but they end up saving you money in the end. So in using a planner you can have a wedding on budget but then it looks like you spent more than you did because you used a planner so please try to use a planner despite your budget.
Paula920059Paula920059Posts: 1 August 1, 2012
Try your local golf courses, that is where we plan on having my daughters wedding, we are not in your area so I don't know the cost, but worth looking into and they may have your gazebo on-site too!! Congrats!!
thedanishlifer wrote:
We are planing our wedding for July 2013 in the Casper, WY area, so there is enough time to plan. We have a low budget of $2500 - $3000, The dress and the groom's attire is taken care of and so is the cake. There will be no brides maids. Only a maid of honor and a best man.
We're only going to have aprox. 30 guests so we are thinking about having the reception at a local steak house that has a great menu for a reasonable price.
Our problem is the ceremony! We would love to have an outdoor ceremony where there is some green. We would even love to set up a gazebo but we don't know anyone with a backyard either. Does anyone have an idea or know their way around Casper and have a suggestion? We are new here in town (we moved here in April because of a new job) so we don't really have that much knowledge of the area. Does anyone know if it's possible to set up for a wedding at one of Casper's public parks?
Other than that, we are open to any other ideas that someone might have. We don't want a church wedding, that is for certain but we would love to have a memorable day without having to give up on TOO many things.
All ideas are hightly appreciated.....
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 August 12, 2012
Carmengarcia1126 wrote:
Hi! I am trying to plan a small wedding (max of 50 people) in staten island, NY for May/June 2013. I would love to keep the cost under $2500 ( not including the dress). I am holding it at my aunts home ( backyard). I am not a big party planner, so I am unsure of what I would need or where to begin! I thought tables, chairs, a tent (just encase of the weather), food, drink, and flowers were all that would be needed, but after reading a few blogs here, I might be completely underselling this! Help anyone!?

Hi Carmen:

I'm a wedding planner in NYC (www.mybelovedwedandart.com)

You sound like you are in the right direction, but you will also need:


*altar for ceremony

*music/dj or music system area

*bar/beverage station

*dance floor (not easy to dance on grass or concrete)

*table for gifts

*color scheme and design

*table centerpieces

*cake & caterer (if you and your family are cooking yourselves, you will need large sternos to keep food warm)

*extension cords to plug things in

*extra lights, light bulbs if the affair is in the evening so people could see (maybe even some chandeliers)

*gifts for bridal party

*invitations and favors


Your budget is low, so I would figure you need more about $5,000-6,000 to make this a success.

I can give you some advice and we can work out a deal if you hire me as your planner.

Best to you and yours!



If you need help, I would be available. My rates is
cherr925899cherr925899Posts: 1 August 12, 2012
I need help finding a venue for my wedding in michigan city for my 2500$ bugets
Guest August 13, 2012
I am the owner of www.cartoucheweddingsandevents.com
I actually did my wedding for a alittle under $6,000 and had it at a country club. I work with any budget.
kaile927054kaile927054Posts: 1 August 14, 2012
ram12 would you mind telling me the venue that is only 2500? i would like to check it out.
Guest August 15, 2012
Hi need help in getting started Sept 2013, for 100 people budget would be 5000.00 any wedding planner in Saint Paul,MN
Guest August 15, 2012
I have a budget of $6500--- I am in Atlanta, GA and I have searched venues that I've looked at but for what I am wanting to spend it willonly cover about 75 guests! I have about 200 because my fiancee is from Atlanta and his family is here but all my fam has to come from Missouri which makes for a large guests lists.... Soemone please help me before I pull out ALL my hair! I live in the west suburbs of Atlanta but any facility in the Atlanta area will work for me. the amount of $6500 is to cover the venue for reception/ceremony for 200 guests as well as the bar, dj, limo- the bridesmaids dress, my dress, tuxedos, flowers and rings are not a part of the amount. Please help!

I would love to help you plan your wedding I am a very inexpensive wedding planner and I just did a beautiful wedding two weeks ago with a budget of 1500 and under 3 months to plan. It was beautiful! I live in Atlanta, Ga and would love to assist you my company is called Wow Events....By 1 Lady and 3 girlz, I specialize in adding that wow factor to you event and at a very affordable price. If you would respond to this or send me an email at a.richardsonmayfield@gmail.com. If people want to see some recent things that I have done I usually email a small clip of the event. Hope I got to you in time.

Best Wishes,
1 Lady
micke1013307micke1013307Posts: 4 March 7, 2013
me and my 3 siblings are planning a 25th wedding vow renewal for our parents tight budget of 1800 so far all we have is the venue it's a little diffrent for us because my parents have been through so much but it never seems to break them my mom is in a wheelchair and hooked to a feeding machine and cathe bag 24/7 due to having 2 strokes they adopted five children and went through so much with them but they are still soo happy and in love so we wanna make this day very special for them cause they never complain and would'nt say no to anyone in need and they are always upbeat and happy anything negative they find the positive in it i don't know how they do it.. but our budget is strained any sugestions or anyone willing to donate deco,flapper dresses zoot suits etc. or tell us where we can find some of these things really cheap would be greatly appreciated their theme is,1920's colors silver and mulberry. thanks to all in advance for all your help. P.S we're located in temple tx which is 1 hour from austin tx,and 2 hours from dallas tx
maryl1013785maryl1013785Posts: 1 March 9, 2013
my wedding is on 05/11/2013 still cant find a place yet due to my budget, i can only spend $3000 for everything exclude the dress, can someone help me please im in miami fl. thanks
Guest May 1, 2013
Our wedding cost something less than 2000. We rented a beautiful home in Gloucester to host immediate family and for the reception, went out to Halibut Point State Park with a JoP who married us, I made my dress with lace and silk, and flowergirl's dress (fortunate that I can sew). We had 25 guests, we cooked the food, made the cake (we are really good cooks). Invitations hand-written and materials from paper source. A number of identical vases from Goodwill filled with white tulips (it looked stunning). Bouquet of white tulips. Party favors: pouches of same fabric as wedding dress with little cards that mention the date and our names with sugar almonds in. We spent 3 days out at the place we rented with all our friends, had a "rehearsal bbq", and a "post wedding brunch", all very intimate and fun. Had to rent some equipment (a big table to fit all and chairs). We also bought all our china, wine glasses and champagne flutes. Friends with kick-ass cameras took pictures.
A regret: not having another 25 people over (we could not cook for that many people alone and hosting them would be difficult). That would have doubled our budget. I mean there was wine and champagne for all and amazing food for 25 people for 3 days. Doubling that would have been impossible for us to pull off.
BTW we also did it in one month total. Sounds impossible but it is possible, if you keep it small. We both wanted such a small intimate affair as our wedding, it was our dream wedding. If any 2-3 members of our family had our cooking skills, pulling off 50 people would have been a breeze I think. Careful planning is all you need. Find a park or nice location to do it (we got married on an ocean outlook). Make your task list realistic and add "bling" as you go. Example: I did not add the lace to my dress until the entire thing was done. It was beautiful and simple as it was, and most importantly, ready to go ten days before the wedding. Then, the lace came, which was an add-on, and beautiful. Same story with our cake. We had a recipe that was ok, and we took it with, my husband stayed and made the actual cake that we had, which was phenomenal. Plans A and B were helpful, flexibility too: turns out we did not have to change plans, nor did we have to resort to plan B. But solid plan Bs helped. All those who look at our pics cannot believe this was done on a 2000 budget. It really looks (and felt like) a 10000 wedding. It's all in the execution and thinking things through all the way.
moega1027587moega1027587Posts: 1 May 1, 2013
ram12 wrote:
we had the bridesmaids pay for their dresses, were having fake flowers and are making them ourselfs the guys dont want boutineirres so we dont have that problem. plus were doing our own wedding cake but so far the cheapest venue i could find is $2500

I was having the EXACT same problem, check your local firehouses and consider cutting back your guest list. I made some painful cuts because obviously we as brides want everyone to be there! I thought though how often do I talk to these people and do I REALLY want them there lol. I managed to get my venue for under 500 (Firehouse) they said as long as it stays under 100 people it's only 500 bucks which 100.00 is a security deposit that I get back smile
tosle1031282tosle1031282Posts: 1 May 5, 2013
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 May 5, 2013
Carmengarcia1126 wrote:
Hi! I am trying to plan a small wedding (max of 50 people) in staten island, NY for May/June 2013. I would love to keep the cost under $2500 ( not including the dress). I am holding it at my aunts home ( backyard). I am not a big party planner, so I am unsure of what I would need or where to begin! I thought tables, chairs, a tent (just encase of the weather), food, drink, and flowers were all that would be needed, but after reading a few blogs here, I might be completely underselling this! Help anyone!?

Carmen, depending on the food you serve, $2500 is doable. Call me. I am in NYC. Keep in mind that a tent can be expensive, so plan inside if possible. www.mybelovedwedandart.com 917-833-4662 mybelovedwedandart@gmail.com and put Eventective on the subject line
Guest May 6, 2013
I am planning our wedding for 150 people in the western suburbs of Illinois. Any suggestions on venue?? I am open to ideas. Our budget is probably somewhere around 10-15k as we will be paying for it on our own.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 May 6, 2013
Hi Guest in Illinois -
You can view all of the wedding venues in Chicago on this map.

Use the filter on the left to narrow or widen your search.

If you would like available venues to contact you, use the widget at the top of this page.

Good luck!
ehcar1032181ehcar1032181Posts: 1 May 8, 2013
HI! It is often cheaper to rent a hall in the county instead if the city..often you can bring your own caterer, bartender, etc in. I am using Cloverlawn in Leduc county...I have the hall from Friday to Monday morning at 9 AM and the cost is about 600.00 Access to kitchen and all the dishes, cooking stuff etc.Theres a ball diamond, campground and the rental includes all of it-couldn't be happier...oh and no corkage fee.
Guest June 28, 2013
Hi Illinois - For our reception we are renting an American Legion Hall in the NW Chicago suburbs for $375 (this is half price because my future father-in-law is a member). We will have 150 guests. The wine and keg of beer are extremely reasonable compared to other venues I've checked. We will have the wedding ceremony in the local park for $95 (amphitheater seating and water fountain behind the minister) with a backup plan of the legion hall if it rains. I'm looking at places like Pita Inn (award winning food) or Buona Beef to cater the food at $10-$15 per person. I can supplement that with some Costco veggies and chips. I bought my dress on eBay for $27. My fiance will wear clothes he already has. I am printing the invitations, etc myself using brown kraft paper from hobby lobby (wait for sales and use coupons) and doilies from eBay. Look on etsy for inspiration for invitations, menus, programs, etc. I’m using large round doilies under clear round plastic plates. Lemons in a vase for center pieces. I plan to buy a sheet cake or two at Costco. For favors I am making very simple wine charms from an earring hoop and one 6mm glass bead. The wine charms will be mounted on a thank you card and placed on the plates. (1000 hoops $13 and 1000 glass beads $8.67 on eBay for both.) A friend will DJ using our own play list. Please let us know what you learn for Chicago area budget weddings.
Guest June 29, 2013
Guest July 5, 2013
Hey Tawana i am planning my wedding in NJ and my budget is about the same but i am getting married this year i could give you some pointers if you would like my email is weddingmethis@yahoo.com
Guest July 29, 2013
My daughter and hed fiance are planning a wedding for 8/2015 in Atlanta Georgia. They have a budget of 5,000 including everything. Their guestlist is currently 200. They are interested in a venue that would allow for an outdoor ceremony, indoor reception, the ability to bring in our own food and drinks. Pleaze help us find a venue that is reasonably priced! --misstrinni1@yahoo.com
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 July 30, 2013
Hi Georgia Guest -
Feel free to browse through our Atlanta Wedding Venues.

Here are some that might be able to work within your budget:

Gallery Events

If you can cut the guest list down to 175, Rhodes Hall is a beautiful place with indoor and outdoor facilities, but may be outside your budget.

If you are willing to head out of Atlanta, Burnt Pine Weddings and Special Events has some very flexible packages that you should be able to make work.

Fill out the widget at the top left of this screen to get available venues and vendors to contact you.

Best of luck!
pukab1056961pukab1056961Posts: 1 August 21, 2013
hi i also have a budget of 2000-3000 the most. i dont have a dress as of yet. need help with a reasonable venue (romantic/ intimate setting) outside option if weather permits (aug/sept 2014), decor, music, catering ,wedding cake. my wedding is late aug/ sept 2014. please help
i love cala lillies, orchids. im in the ny area
eeliteforu2014eeliteforu2014Posts: 2 August 22, 2013
I am a wedding planner and a few tips that I can give you would be to decide on a basic menu for the reception. I fyou know someone in your family that knows how to cook. Pay them a small fee. I would use a louge or home for the ceremony and use faux flowers vs. real flowers some fuax flowers look really real. Look on craigslist you will be surprised what good deals you can find on there as far as the decor, music, and wedding cake. You have time so try not to stress to much just make sure that you have a budget plan and no matter what don't over do it. Okay.
Guest April 19, 2014
Ram12 where did you find it we are not far from there and we have the same budget
info1052788info1052788Posts: 2 May 27, 2014
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