where can i throw my sweet 16 birthday ? Messages in this topic - RSS

where can i throw my sweet 16 birthday ? Messages in this topic - RSS

Guest Denver, CO April 12, 2012
Dont know what to do -_- ?!
AveryFlynnMagicAveryFlynnMagicPosts: 22 April 12, 2012
How about hire a magician...
AveryFlynnMagicAveryFlynnMagicPosts: 22 April 12, 2012
I offer a fantastic pacage deal with half an hour off balloon twisting and a half an hour magic show only 175 dollars
IFGevents2012IFGevents2012Posts: 3 April 12, 2012
When is it? Weather makes up a big part of your choices. If it is warm, you can have an outside event. Where do you live? City only don't list your address.
Guest April 12, 2012
hey i am an event coordinator/ radio personality for a radio station in nyc where do you want your party to be and you may want a real good host that will bring a surprise celebrity guest with them email me when you can smoore125@hotmail.com
Guest April 12, 2012
sorry smoore1250@hotmail.com
kandkfloralskandkfloralsPosts: 41 April 12, 2012
Congratulations on your sweet 16! I hope you have a great birthday! Unique party favors, place card holders, gift tags, and more at http://www.etsy.com/shop/KandKFloralandDesign
djabrasaxdjabrasaxPosts: 33 April 13, 2012
i have just the place for you
babyd858547babyd858547Posts: 1 April 16, 2012
My Sweet 16 Is Supposted To Be On June 15 But I Have Yet To Find A Nice AFFORDABLE Venue That Would Host A Teen Party. I Doubt Im Even Having A Sweet16 Now. upset
manue861289manue861289Posts: 1 April 19, 2012
I am planning a baptism on May 12 or May 13. I need a venue that I can have 40 guest in a clubhouse or vintage type of home. Please help!
Guest April 21, 2012
Beachmont VFW Post 6712 on 150 Bennington St. Revere Ma
Guest April 26, 2012
If in South Florida I highly recommend the Pavilion Grille in Boca Raton. All you need is a great DJ (check out EventMyWay.com).
Guest January 5, 2013
so where can i go for my sweet 16th birthday that are in this area
Guest January 5, 2013
where is brandson

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