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bride2bmomof52bbride2bmomof52bPosts: 11 April 15, 2010
I am looking for a photographer for my wedding in NJ in November 2010. Im looking to pay around $500 for around 4 hrs. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. thank you
Guest April 15, 2010
NJ is an expensive market....try looking on craigslist for inexpensive photographers that will match your budget...I'm sure you'll find one. smile Good luck
lewen248853lewen248853Posts: 1 April 15, 2010
I am a photographer. What are you looking for and what is your budget. Maybe we can work something out.My email is lewendy@embarqmail.com. My website- edsphoto.net or wendyreynolds.net
lkisic121lkisic121Posts: 4 April 15, 2010
Please visit our website at www.privatepaparazzi.com!
We have special packages for engagements, small wedding, and customized wedding party photo shoots to creatively capture the memories of your special day.
astai406718astai406718Posts: 1 April 16, 2010
I have a suggestion for a photographer I am using. Melissa Chinici- www.melissachinici.com/ She usually works with your budget too. Hope this helps.
bride2bmomof52bbride2bmomof52bPosts: 11 April 16, 2010
thank you
Guest April 19, 2010
DJ's Lighting Limos Photography Tuxedo Rentals Videos an more... check us out ..

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greg183432greg183432Posts: 14 April 22, 2010
We specialize in weddings on a budget. Take a look at our site and give me a call. I can custom tailor a package to fit your needs.

nypho145923nypho145923Posts: 3 April 28, 2010
I am interested. visit nyphotoshoot.tripod.com and email me if you would like to contract my services. Regards,
Guest December 8, 2012
For 4 hours, the average is more like $1000 for a great photographer. You will less likely get some crappy images.

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