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cblac589311cblac589311Posts: 2 January 4, 2011
Ok im getting married july 2nd 2011. And I dont even know where to start. We really dont have much money. But I want it to be beautiful. Where do I start?? How do i keep it on a budget??
Guest January 4, 2011
Where are you located? What is most important to you for your wedding? Look for non-profit venues, such as summer camps and retreat venues, where you can have catering, overnight accommodations, and entertainment all in one place, such as Good luck!
Guest January 4, 2011
Check on your options for the event. How many people do you want to attend. Consider using a tent at an out door location ... you can save a bundle. Do you have a ball park?
cblac589311cblac589311Posts: 2 January 4, 2011
rock hill sc. I just want to make sure i have a pretty dress. and i have 3 brides maids. My fiances friends mom is going to marry us for free. and her daughter is going to do the pictures cheap. Umm i've looked into a couple parks in the area.
Guest January 4, 2011
If you are in the Jersey (tri-state) area, you can reach us at best bet is to find a planner/entertainer for your area and then use their advice and mix with your own thoughts. Good Luck!
Guest January 4, 2011
No offense to the earlier poster but tent weddings are not an inexpensive alternative. The tent and equipment to furnish it typically cost more than a wedding hall.
imagesofpowerimagesofpowerPosts: 1 January 4, 2011
You can have a very nice wedding on a budget. There are a lot of venues in the Charlotte/rock hill area that can make your guests think you spent a fortune. Just make sure you don't eliminate or cut back on important features.
Guest January 5, 2011
If you are in the Chicago area, give us a call, Chicago Justice of the Peace, (877) 355-8920. We'll help you.
cater589701cater589701Posts: 2 January 5, 2011
As a food and beverage vender, tents are more then halls. Your most expensive costs will be alcohol, food, and then potography. Don't do alcohol and you will save half your budget.
KM991KM991Posts: 2 January 5, 2011
First and foremost, take deep breaths and relax, it is going to be okay. Now down to business. Figure out how many people you want to invite to the reception, the smaller your guests count the less you spend and keep you in budget. You can choose to have your wedding reception in the auditorium of a church and give a small donation, which will be less expensive than finding a venue or renting a tent. Laslty, I agree with cateringbysignature, you don't have to use alcohol if you dont have the budget for it. You can use sparkling ciders, or make your own signature punch.
Guest January 5, 2011
What state are you thinking about having it in? I know a caterer in New hampshire
ascho582685ascho582685Posts: 1 January 5, 2011
When I was married, I had the privilege of my family cooking the sit down dinner in the church kitchen. If you do an italian theme, you could have pasta (red & white) salad and fresh bread to go along with the sparkling punch or juice. Renting or purchasing a couple of roaster pans will keep your pasta warm. Everyone will come away full.
Guest January 6, 2011
I spent $75 reserving the main room of a historic house (mine was on the Battery in downtown Charleston, S.C.) that had a bed and breakfast.(It was a beautiful great room with a balcony and view of the harbor.) If you find the right place, they may be OK with providing food to earn extra income, even thought they normally might not cater. Some B&B's have less "rules" and are flexible, probably more if you have guests who will stay there and you occupy a normally off-peak time for them.
ron538810ron538810Posts: 2 January 6, 2011
Try to rent an inexpensive vacation home for whatever time period you can afford. Then tie [your wedding (ceremony and reception) and honeymoon/vacation for the year] into your long weekend, or one week rental. It needs to be a place where you can have your ceremony, etc. comfortably with the number of guests that you'd like to invite.

Talk to close friends and family and tell them that you would prefer not having a shower; but that you will need their help with food, drink, decorations, etc. for the event. If you're really strapped, ask someone (or do it yourself) to develop playlists on their iPod or computer for your ceremony, cocktails and dinner, and then dancing. Rent a mixer, microphone and one set of Powered Speakers (along with necessary cables that should be provided) and then plan on having a lot of fun. Put one (very reliable) person in charge of the music. If that doesn't work, check out the local VFW; Legion Hall; Knights of Columbus, etc. etc. or check with a local minister/church to see if there is a hall available. I'd be happy to send you a wedding reception organizer if that would be helpful. Ron from Cape and Islands Entertainment
voglanvoglanPosts: 6 January 10, 2011
Where do you want to get married in? Please specify city, town, etc.
This would help immensely. Thank you

coope599447coope599447Posts: 5 January 14, 2011
Don’t let your wedding plans overwhelm you. This will definitely be one of the most special days of your life – and the days leading up to it should be, too. While July is not that far away, you still have plenty of time – take things one day at a time. I think it’s important for both you and your fiancé to take on certain responsibilities. While you’ll likely want to determine the guest list and select the venue together, maybe you can focus on flowers and the delicacies while he works on the entertainment and logistics. I always thought it was important to keep a list of what needs to be done and have the two of you reflect upon it together weekly. I wish I could be of more assistance but I just want to emphasize to you to keep calm. Lastly, maybe we can do something to make your day special. Our staff provides beautiful matted watercolor prints of your wedding, or reception venue (or just your favorite spot) for your guests (starting at just $5.00/print). Many of our clients have expressed how a gift of this nature ensures that their wedding is remembered for years. If interested, check out our website
Guest January 14, 2011
ok im back again im st. louis and im on a budget wedding july 30th and im have one income coming in my fiance just got layoff from his job and my wedding is so important to me dont have to be very big but i got 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen and inedd a very cheap venue in the St. louis area any body have any options i need all the help i can get you know what im saying
ABETTERDJABETTERDJPosts: 24 February 7, 2011
We can save you some $$$ on DJ and photographer... only $700 for both services Big Grin
ron538810ron538810Posts: 2 February 8, 2011
Have you checked with different: Churches; VFW's; Lions Clubs; Elks Clubs; Masons Halls, etc. These are your best bets! Other possibilities are local public golf courses. Some small restaurants will close to the public for the day. Every place will want to make some money on the food and/or drinks.

The least expensive wedding you can have would have you doing the following. Find an Elks or VFW or Lions Club hall that will allow you to:

1. ask family and friends to bring food
2. have a cash bar (not open bar), and
3. set up your own music w/ rental equipment
4. perhaps look for rental gowns/tuxes, or go to a department store and buy "dresses & suits" that everyone could wear again
5. you pay for your dress; everyone else in the wedding pays for their own - sometimes people can not afford to be part of the wedding party and you should accept that fact graciously
6. if all else fails, check with local public parks about having an outdoor wedding - then, follow your ceremony up by inviting everyone to join you at a certain restaurant (venue) where you know they have entertainment scheduled for the evening (can't get any more affordable than that) check with restaurants first to see if they're okay with all of you descending upon them
7. one way or another it'll be a great story for you to share with your children and grandchildren
8. you need to do this soon - get started today!

Good luck, Ron L.
Guest February 8, 2011
DJ Service available in Grand Falls, Edmunston, St-Quentin area. (wedding ceremony, private party's any kind of party you need music). There's my Email at or Call at 506 475 9010
godsi443471godsi443471Posts: 1 February 8, 2011
seek a dress on a budget, buy early like a year in advance, see out community centers for the reception. cblackwellve wrote:
Ok im getting married july 2nd 2011. And I dont even know where to start. We really dont have much money. But I want it to be beautiful. Where do I start?? How do i keep it on a budget??
NeotericExpressionsNeotericExpressionsPosts: 41 February 9, 2011
One way to start off your wedding planning is to invest in a wedding planner - be it online, a book or a person. We recommend a person, but there are options available for online wedding planning tools at sites like You definitely want to start with a planner to help you line up everything else. We offer a blog that helps with guiding you on what to do, where to look and how to start planning your wedding.

Also, we have affordable invitation options for brides-to-be. We can do just cards, or you can add pockets, wraps or embellishments to enhance the design. Check out our gallery to get an idea of what we can provide for you:

Our invitation packages are broken down for your convenience and to help you determine where you might want to start. Pricing is based on the number of invites, so if you'd like a quick quote let me know.

I definitely recommend checking out the blog first to get an idea where to start. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to email us.


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