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taley583295taley583295Posts: 1 December 28, 2010
Our date is 9-10-11 and I am totally lost as far as planning this thing. If you have any ideas tips or suggestions I would love to hear them...We have a guestlist of 150 people and live in the Birmingham area.
Guest December 28, 2010
I suggest you get a planner and do it ASAP. As I am sure you can imagine 9/10/11 is a very popular date. Especially as it falls on a Saturday. First and foremost start booking your vendors as you are going to have a lot of brides to compete with as far as getting all of your services for that day. A wedding planner will be a much needed asset. I was hired over three months ago for that date so I am being truthful when I say...GET STARTED NOW!
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 December 28, 2010
Pick up a wedding planning guide at your local bookstore to help you get started. Lots of great advice there, including whether or not to hire a wedding planner to help. Setting your budget is one of the first steps, as well as determining your number of guests. Then book your ceremony venue, your reception venue (and caterer, if not included), and your officiant ASAP. Get your florist, DJ or band, and photographer lined up next. Details don't need to be decided right away -- just get these major players booked as soon as you can, and then you can take a little more time to decide on your colors, menu, flowers, invitations, etc. Your dress is next. Keep in mind, too, that your wedding gown can take 6 months to come in once ordered, if you buy it through a bridal salon, and you'll need to allow some additional time for alterations/fittings.

A professional wedding planner can be invaluable if your budget allows. Having said that, though, it's also certainly possible to plan your own wedding, especially if you use the tools that are available to you (i.e. wedding planning guide, enlist the help of people you trust, etc.).

Congratulations, and best wishes for a wonderful wedding!
Guest December 28, 2010
I to am a wedding planner, what Joyful Promisses said is right. What is most important right now is getting your venues booked and officiant booked also. THIS DATE IS BOOKING UP FAST! You need to decide on weather or not you will have a brunch, cocktail or dinner for your guests. Book the cater that can provide you with what you are wanting. Next on my list would be entertainment, live or d.j or both? Depending on your budget and time of reception. Egsample, if you are to have a simple 10:00 am ceremony with brunch at 12 noon, a simple live band would be perfect. Inlist a few college students from the preforming arts department to save money. If you ask a proffesor for a referal you will be sure to get a great set.
Next wold be photographer, be careful with these guys a lot of them will eat up your budget faster than you can eat a cookie. $2000.00 should be more than enough to spend on a great photograper. Don't be fooled with the flashy $6000.00 packages.
6 months left you need to choose your dress, flowers. Dreses can take up to 6 months to make plus time for alterations.
Flowers need to be ordered at this time also. The reason for this is incase of shortages caused by floods, droughts or any other natural desaster. The florists who have the orders in in advance get first dibs on any available flowers. Leaving last min orders high and dry.
The details can be decided around now.
Chapters, or another book store will have lots of great books to help keep you organised.
Good luck & hay planning!

-Twiligh Affairs
mespl439216mespl439216Posts: 11 December 28, 2010
With a date that popular hire a day of coordinator now. Buy extra time with your day of coordinator along the way if you hit a planning snag. The best way to find a competent coordinator is to speak with local wedding vendors. Allow others success to be your success.
Best of luck in Birmingham.
Julie Brown
DesertLightWeddingsDesertLightWeddingsPosts: 130 December 30, 2010
The advice you are getting from everyone here is absolutely right on the mark. Start now. Very popular date. You want to first know your budget. You cannot move forward without that. Make your lists of 1. have to have 2. want, but can live without 3. if we have extra we can do this. As you check for venues many will offer packaged services whether with just a caterer or everything you need. You can decide based on your budget and the vendors they offer. If you choose a venue that is just that ask them for recommendations for caterers etc. Time is important for that date, but you want to make sure you do take time to talk to these vendors. Make sure you like what they have to offer (quality, price) and also for say your photographer, DJ and planner if you hire one that you like them. You will be spending your day with them and relying on them so make sure you are happy.

If you can afford it, hire a planner to guide you. If you have the time and can go it on your own many venues have an onsite coordinator who can help you for your rehearsal and day of and this is included in venue rental.

If you would like a checklist, visit my website (main page and scroll down) ... you can save to your PC and it will give you ideas of things to think about and timing BUT remember don't wait since this is a popular date.

Desert Light Weddings
BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 January 1, 2011
I don't suppose you need one more person to tell you, but you are very smart to be planning ahead. I already have two couples booked for 09/10/11 and I try not to officiate more than one wedding a day. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up with a third as I did on 10/10/10. For what it is worth, I'm not a planner, but I adore them. They are worth their weight in gold!

Best Regards,
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL
halle586936halle586936Posts: 2 January 2, 2011
I am also getting married on that day! any suggesstions on venues in Akron, Canton, Ohio?
custo179720custo179720Posts: 2 January 3, 2011
taleya525 wrote:
Our date is 9-10-11 and I am totally lost as far as planning this thing. If you have any ideas tips or suggestions I would love to hear them...We have a guestlist of 150 people and live in the Birmingham area.

Congratulations on your Engagement!
Planning a wedding or any event that you are unfamiliar with can seem overwhelming at first, but an experienced planner can assist you booking things in the correct order based on importance and protocol. In your case, since 9-10-11 will undoubtably be a favorite date for many, you definiately need the assistance of a full-service event planning coming such as mine since the vendors you need are apart of my company. Please review our services and information at Exquisite Weddings and Events, Inc. is a full-service Planning company meaning we have vendors on-board that allow us to book their services in conjuction with ours and we handle all the leg work and provide you with a stress free event so you can truly enjoy your day. We are based in Sandy Springs | Atlanta, Georiga and would love to offer you a free 60-minute consultation. Feel free to contact us at 404.889.8767. Jacquee' Williamson, Certified Wedding and Event Planner
DjTuxDjTuxPosts: 11 January 5, 2011
Start with the hall and who and where you are going to be married. Everything else can be handled after you get those two things. Getting the hall is important as you may have to change date to get what you are looking for. Then you can start working on all your other vendors.
ABETTERDJABETTERDJPosts: 24 February 7, 2011
We offer free planning assistance with our DJ/photography packages

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