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Cake anyone? Messages in this topic - RSS

rhond574930rhond574930Posts: 1 December 9, 2010
Does anyone know of a good bakery, that has really reasonable prices? I'm looking for a 3-tier cake thats not going to break the bank. I'm on a tight budget.
SCEventhouseSCEventhousePosts: 10 December 9, 2010
Where are you located?
Guest December 10, 2010
Stone mountain, GA
blessednhighlyflavorblessednhighlyflavorPosts: 3 December 10, 2010
Why don't you do a "cupcake tree" especially if its for a wedding...very affordable and the "in" thing now! I know of the perfect person to do it--she will even match the colors/theme! Good Luck!

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