9-17-11 Wedding need Ideas for food :( Messages in this topic - RSS

9-17-11 Wedding need Ideas for food :( Messages in this topic - RSS

BlueEyeDreams73BlueEyeDreams73Posts: 15 November 1, 2010
We have found a place to hold the reception and now we are trying to plan what to have as food for the reception. I am think appx. 150 ppl for the reception. Would it be cheaper to go out and get thing on our own and cooking thing in roasters. If so what do you get???
mespl439216mespl439216Posts: 11 November 1, 2010
The venue can help you decide on the style of the food. There are so many ways to serve people yummy food and a fun time. Where is the reception being held? It may be cheaper to do it yourself. the trick is to make choices that keep labor costs down.
Tell us more about the reception location .and the style of the event. formal? semi formal? includes dancing?
BlueEyeDreams73BlueEyeDreams73Posts: 15 November 2, 2010
We are having at the Moose Lodge and yes we Have a DJ for the whole thing and we are looking at having an outside wedding is what it is looking like because we are having a hard time finding a place to have the wedding
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 November 3, 2010
7mlang5 wrote:
We are having at the Moose Lodge and yes we Have a DJ for the whole thing and we are looking at having an outside wedding is what it is looking like because we are having a hard time finding a place to have the wedding

The moose lodge sounds great and woodsy. Be sure to have a "plan B" should it rain. Since it is September, I would recommend a nice fall them with lovely mixed oranges, golds, greens and light reds. You can decorate with these colors as well. For some nice decor, check out www.orientaltrading.com Do a search for "fall leaves"

I think the idea of getting a caterer who could provide a bunch of tasty appetizers, like small cups with mac & cheese, chicken sate on skewers, asian dumplings, mini burgers, fried shrimps, crabbed-stuffed mushrooms, italian or swedish meatballs, smoked salmon and cream cheese swilrs, and some carved meats would be good. Depending on your budget, you can have them cater everything, or part of it. You and close family members could make pasta and rice dishes, crudite and dip, Sweet & sour chicken wings, mini quiches, fall vegetables and such. Everything should be colorful. You should also get a signature drink using the color amber or orange like a "tequila sunrise" or "Cîroc Lola" or a rum punch that is mixed with fruit juices. See links:


Good luck!

Drop me a line if you want invites, thank you cards and sign in posters at 50% off (I can send you samples for your approval).

Creative Director/Designer
Guest November 4, 2010
The color scheme is going to be Orange and Purple and we are going to get alot of our decorating items from www.orientaltrading.com
and Thanks for alot of the food ideas alot of them I never even thought about.

Bride to Be,
Bedford, Pa.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 November 4, 2010
Glad you liked the ideas. Do drop me a line if you want invites and coordinating items. I can do a package for you for about $250 with everything included. I would also set up a table that is a "candy station". You can get several glass jars from the 99 cents stores, and wrapped candies (oriental trading sells quantities of candies and cello bags); buy a couple of plastic scoops and your guests will help themselves. This also doubles as your party favor. I'd get hersheys kisses, mints, gummy bears, jordan almonds, mary janes, mini reeces peanut butter cups, caramels and the like.

Good luck. I think that you will have a beautiful wedding.

BlueEyeDreams73BlueEyeDreams73Posts: 15 November 4, 2010
Thanks again Lise Ramos
" The Candy Station " is and really awsome Idea this way ppl. that my have health issue can pick out the items that they would be allow to eat. Thanks Alot again.

Guest December 19, 2010
Check with the Moose Club. Does your moose serve dinners? Most do, talk to them about catering. They would have all the place settings, glasses silverware needed. You would just need to get tablecoverings and centerpieces.
Guest December 19, 2010
You can try The Simon Banquet in San Pedro, Ca Very nice and beautiful. Check it and ask for Judith very friendly.
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 December 20, 2010
Check out your local restaurants and warehouse clubs -- many have party trays available (including pastas and Italian beef) that you can pick up or have delivered for your reception.
3frnd5806623frnd580662Posts: 1 December 21, 2010
It depends on if you have your wedding/reception during breakfast, lunch or dinner because people will expect a meal at those times..chicken is cheap and you can buy alot for budgeting purposes. Also there is any kind of pasta you can never go wrong with pasta but remember to have finger foods as well for just entertainment after the lunch/dinner.
Guest December 22, 2010
Hi - my company does catering at an excellent price because we are not located in Raleigh but do lots of events there. You pick exactly what you want as far as meats, vegetables, breads, beverages, desserts, and appetizers/food and cracker trays. We can work with you to get a meal in your price range. If you want more information about us, please visit us at www.edentonbaycatering.com - we would love to hear from you.

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