Do corporations still give holiday gifts? Messages in this topic - RSS

Do corporations still give holiday gifts? Messages in this topic - RSS

monaschocolatesmonaschocolatesPosts: 8 October 11, 2010
Just wondering if corporations still give holiday gifts to their clients and/or employees? In the past, I used to cater to the corporate world their holiday gift baskets in my area. And I was just was wondering if it's still popular in other areas or in larger cities.
Guest October 11, 2010
Maybe some corporations still do it.
Joyce13Joyce13Posts: 1 October 11, 2010
Gifts are always a nice way to tell your customers how much you appreciate their business. You don't have to spend alot of money with gift baskets- it's just the thought that counts. Companies like Tastefully Simple have gifts like a homemade bread & soup mix ( and everyone loves Tastefully Simple) that already comes in an organdy gift bag for less than $15 each.
It's a nice touch- but simple.
monaschocolatesmonaschocolatesPosts: 8 November 16, 2010
Glad to hear that corporations still give out holiday gifts to their employees and/or clients.
BeyFavorsBeyFavorsPosts: 16 February 15, 2011
Yes but they are getting smaller or I am seeing companies purchase a large gift for all the employees like ordering baskets of fruit, cookies ect. for the office, or giving out flowers to everyone.
lasve523639lasve523639Posts: 2 March 23, 2011
Alot of time people do secret santa type gift parties where they you pick a person out of the hat and each employee gets a gift under $20 for an employee or they do a potluck or throw a food and drink party depends on the company.
Guest November 20, 2012
We are pretty busy still this year with painted coconuts. Companies are using them as ornament gifts and awards.
ShortsEShortsEPosts: 2 November 30, 2012
Yeah, corporates still do give holiday gifts. What's more, a new trend in corporations is that they give a number of options to employees from which the latter can choose any one.
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MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 December 4, 2012
Yes they do, but usually, at this point, they give an inexpensive gift, like a stuffed animal or box of candy/cookies and make a donation in their name to a reputable cause, of course, due to all the storms and disasters throughout the world.

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