PLEASE HELP! Need a venue for September 18th, it's an emergency Messages in this topic - RSS

PLEASE HELP! Need a venue for September 18th, it's an emergency Messages in this topic - RSS

jjobi510876jjobi510876Posts: 1 September 1, 2010
My dance troupe booked a show for September 18th in Dayton (it's a benefit show to raise money for charity) and the venue JUST told us last night that they're probably going to have to close down and thus they won't be available. We have less than three weeks to find a new place for the show. We're not expecting a huge crowd (125 people or so), and we'd only need it from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM on Saturday the 18th.

Can ANYONE recommend a place that is available for that date, a place that would work for a dance show? It's a Halloween-themed show, so of course we'd like a place that had some kind of style or atmosphere but unfortunately we don't have a lot of money for the rental (our max price is $600 dollars or so).
wen2010wen2010Posts: 4 September 1, 2010
Is this Dayton, Ohio?
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 349 September 1, 2010
Hi JJobie,

Wow!!! I'm not from the Dayton area... but I woud make lots of telephone calls to:
  • Hotels: Tell them that you are running a fund raiser and need a place. It is possible that one of them that may have an empty banquet hall and would be pleased to rent it to you for a low fee because you are doing a fundraiser and otherwise they would have an empty room.
  • Schools: Check the colleges and independent schools in your area. They may be willing to rent a large room after hours for a low cost.
  • Civic Organizations: Check any organization that would own a building with meeting space.
  • Malls: Talk with an enclosed mall in your area and see if they would let you hold the event in either a vacant store (a few malls do this) or in open space...
  • By any chance does the Dayton Museum of Art have a suitable auditorium?
Best wishes....

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro
Guest September 1, 2010
You may want to contact the High Schools, and even the civic groups in the area. Definitely hotels, as well. A military group here in Nebraska rented out part of the High School facility, so don't rule it out (contact the school district offices to save time). September is still nice weather so you may want to call the State Parks and City Parks - as they have nice lodge faciiities for rent and run around 65-75 per hour! smile Michele
studi467094studi467094Posts: 11 September 1, 2010
ok...first....take a deep breath!
have you thought of maybe checking the HIGH SCHOOL? a lot of them now have amazing theatres and would love a donation to their theatrical department to use the facility. If there is not any alcohol involved, they are usually very willing. AND they have lighting and sound already in place! if there is an auction or anything, you can set this up in the hall way.
Again, if no alcohol is involved, you may find a church that would assist you with this event in exchange for a donation to their youth or mission programs. The donations are always negotiable and would replace the rental fees of a venue.
hope this helps!
Suz Haire, 317-490-7894
Studio Brides & Events
Guest September 1, 2010
Suggest call Antioch Shrine Temple in Dayton, Ohio @ 937-461-4740. I am Kena Shriners Temple in Fairfax, Va and due rent our ballroom for your type events.
Arnie Brown, PP '05
Rental Agent
wen2010wen2010Posts: 4 September 1, 2010

I have a contact in Dayton who is awaiting your needs for a new venue. Please call me at 609-936-9811 Princeton Music Connection.
wen2010wen2010Posts: 4 September 1, 2010
Hi Jjobie, Do you still need a venue in Dayton? Have a great contact for your dance troupe...
Guest September 1, 2010
Check out a local high school auditorium.. Some of the newer schools have awesome auditoriums and could seat 150 very

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