Cheryl2012Cheryl2012Posts: 12 July 30, 2012
We had soooooooo much fun on saturday, July 28,2012 at our celebration. We were first timers planning this but we did it right all the way. We got sooooo many compliments about our set up, decorations, dj, food, dress and tux and sooooooo much more. The one thing i want to share about that night is my biiiigggggg surprise from my husband James. I knew he had something big planned for awhile now, but i just did not know what it was and he got me real good and had a lot of help doing it. Everyone really kept his secret for months. As i was sitting there enjoying the night, my sis in law came to my table and sad sis in law do u trust me? and i knew something was about to happen. I said what is going on??? and she said lets go in the hall for a mintue. So, as we were sitting there i tried to pick her and a few other girlfriends about what was happening inside da ballroom. No one would say. As i was waiting outside it got sooooooooo quiet in there. The music stopped and u could hear a pin fall. After about 5 mins i was blind folded and taken back inside and there was not a sound being made. I made a comment and said out loud to my aunt/big momma dat is this how u felt when we all tricked u for ur 70th birthday surprise party at Ryans and she just said i told u i would get u back and everyone laughed as i am still blind folded and led to a chair. When the blin fold came off, i was in for the surprise of my life. All i could see was my husband standing at da end of da red carpet sprinkled wit white rose petals under da arch we rented with columns and flowers and standing next to our friend Paster Binion.I was just a waterfall by this times. Tears were just flowing. My nephew was right by my side to walk me down da isle to renew our vows. I had no idea. U can imagine how i felt. My heart was just pounding. I just wanted to get to my husband but i had to wait till music started and actually slow wlking down da aisle. Words just can't express my emotions at dat moment.. My husband was smiling big as ever with his beautiful and infectious smile!!!!!!!!!! Everyone in da room was on there feet and the kids all had flowers or had a flower pinned on them. Evereyone who was not there when we first got married at the court house was able to see it on that special day. Thanks baby sooooooooo much for making me feel like i did on our special day 10 years ago. We danced and danced and danced alllllllll night until about 2am.To see everything put together and finally being able to celebrate is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 349 August 5, 2012
Congratulations, James & Cheryl!!!

Pleased that you enjoyed your special occasion as much as you did.

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
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