Looking for large venue for a non profit car show fundraiser event for July 2011 Messages in this topic - RSS

Looking for large venue for a non profit car show fundraiser event for July 2011 Messages in this topic - RSS

tvagu493418tvagu493418Posts: 1 September 1, 2010
I'm not sure if this is the right section, new to this sight. We are a non profit organzation called SOFTIN (www.softininc.org) looking for a place to have an annual benefit all car show that can fit between 300 to 400 cars and room to grow. To help bring in funds for our programs serving the physically impaired, mentally impaired, victims of abuse, frail elderly and youth at risk. Perfer an indoor/outdoor place. Ventura County fairgrounds would love to have us, however the dates so far they have available will not work. We perfer to have it in July or August, but can't at the fairgrounds because of the county fair. Does anyone have any suggestions of places??
info511466info511466Posts: 8 September 2, 2010
Huntington Beach Pier has a lot of car shows - not sure the size you're looking for, but they attract a lot of walking traffic for such events. No indoor, but bathroom facilities are available.
Guest September 2, 2010
Franklin Mills in Philadelphia has car shows in their parking lot. I'm sure other malls would work as well.

Deborah Carasso
Unique Invitations
CEOs467366CEOs467366Posts: 4 September 3, 2010
If San Diego is an option, you should check out VisionPulse Creative Events. We recently hosted a car show. You can reach us at 858-605-6262 or 619-549-0398 ask for Elisa or Ed
marydommarydomPosts: 1 September 22, 2010
The Dallas Convention Center or the Traders Village in Grand Prairie are exceptional places to accomodate the kind of event you have in mind.

Mary Dominguez-
Special Events Planner
Pioneer Event Center
kdaie300087kdaie300087Posts: 1 September 23, 2010
If Michigan is an option? I have had the Largest British Car and Motorcycle Show in the United States. It's called the Battle of the Brits Car/Motorcycle Show. We have had it on our campus (Orchard Lake Schools in Orchard Lake Michigan) and it has grown every year. We have almost 500 cars and 200 Motorcycles.

Please feel free to call me for information...Kris Daiek 248-830-9711 or kdaiek@stmarysprep.com
AHEntertainmentAHEntertainmentPosts: 11 September 29, 2010
Ventura County is notoriously lacking space for this type of event. There's a couple of alternatives if you're willing to go a little further South. The Paramount Ranch (I think it's in Hollywood) may be able to accommodate that many cars. You might also want to check out Willow Springs, but in July/August, you're talking about a really HOT day at the track.

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