Rubber Ducky Race

July 30, 2008

oahu-rubber-duck-race1.jpgThis August 6-17, the Northern Michigan town of Bellaire is holding its Rubber Ducky Festival.

The 12-day celebration will culminate with a duck race in the Intermediate River in which 2,000 yellow rubber ducks will be competing. Thousands of spectators line the river banks to watch the quarter-mile long race.

The ducks are numbered, and spectators are allowed to place a $5 bet per duck. The person who has the first place duck is awarded $500 and cash prizes are awarded all the way up to the duck that wins 27th-place.

In 2007, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore actually chose the festival as the site for the unofficial premiere for his film “Sicko.”

Other events at the festival include a 5K footrace, parade, children’s games, craft show, a pig roast, concerts and more.

To find out more, contact the Bellaire Chamber of Commerce at (231) 533-6023 or email

There are also other fun competitions like “the world’s second-longest coffee break” and a belt sander race.

Here is a video of a rubber duck race in the Pawtucket River between Pawtucket, CT and Westerly, RI:

YouTube Preview Image


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