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6901 Oklahoma Avenue Milwaukee, WI
WHAT TO EXPECT For each of these events there will be a number of displays, demonstrations and hands-on opportunities for everyone to explore, tweak and enjoy that will be centered around the evening’s theme. Expect other fun surprises as well! Rain or shine, we have a fun and interesting evening planned for each of these dates, and while the weather can certainly impact the night’s telescope viewing, the rest of the events will be unaffected. SCIENCE, MADE ACCESSIBLE Science, in all its many wondrous forms, can often be overwhelming and daunting, especially for those just starting to explore and learn. That’s where American Science & Surplus can help you. Long a destination frequented by budding and amateur scientists, we are expanding our hands-on approach to science and learning by offering a series of Science Nights at our stores. These events will give you, your friends and family an opportunity to explore the far reaches of both outer and inner space through professional quality telescopes and microscopes; hands-on and hair- raising experiments with electricity; chemistry experiments to create gooey and slippery slimes and polymers and much, much more.
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