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Columbia, SC
My favorite thing to do is create colorful, fun, out of the box ideas when others would have gone with something bland. If it makes you happy, then go with it, no matter what anyone else thinks. Your home and your events should be a reflection of you. My personal specialty is anything with a theme, whether it be a “man cave” room designed for your husband’s favorite sports team, a story book themed baby shower, or a guest room inspired by your latest vacation. A theme can be as literal as you want or as indirect as a simple color scheme or feeling you want to achieve. I can remember going to Disney World several times in my life and being completely awestruck the entire time by the dazzling color schemes, unheard of attention to detail, and the most elaborate themes I have ever seen! Disney’s immaculate design is what truly inspired me to become a designer myself. My goal is to recreate that awe-inspiring feeling in whatever project I’m working on. My personal specialty is any design with a theme because I feel they provide the biggest opportunity for minute details to be carried throughout the project. Some of the most inspiring aspects of a design are found in its smallest details. I think that every time you walk into your trip themed guest room it should automatically put you in a good mood because it reminds you of happy memories. I think the way you feel when you walk into your wedding reception should be nothing short of breathtaking. Enchanted, to me, is a feeling. The feeling that you’re so excited you just can’t wait to talk about it. The feeling that you’re a fairytale princess for a day. The feeling that it’s everything you ever dreamed of. My goal is for my designs to make you feel Enchanted
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