The Riviera Hotel And Casino
2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV
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Event Spaces
Capri Meeting Room 101
Capri Meeting Room 102
Capri Meeting Room 103
Capri Meeting Room 111
Capri Meeting Room 112
Capri Meeting Room 113
Capri Meeting Room 114
Capri Meeting Room 115
Capri Meeting Room 116
Capri Meeting Rooms 104 Thru 110
Grande Ballroom
Grande Ballroom A
Grande Ballroom B
Grande Ballroom C
Grande Ballroom D
Grande Ballroom E
Grande Ballroom F
Grande Ballroom G
Grande Ballroom H
Hound Doggies
Kristofer's Steak House
Ristorante Italiano
Room 201-205
Room 206-211
Room 212
Rooms 13-17 (2nd Floor)
Royale Pavilion
Royale Pavilion Room 1
Royale Pavilion Room 2
Royale Pavilion Room 3
Royale Pavilion Room 4
Royale Pavilion Room 5
Royale Pavilion Room 6
Royale Pavilion Room 7
Royale Pavilion Room 8
Top of the Riv (Combined)
Top of the Riv North (L)
Top of the Riv South (K)
World’s Fare Buffet