Nicholson Yacht Charters
29 Sherman St # 1 Cambridge, MA
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Nicholson Yacht Charter is evenings spent on deck under a starlit sky. It is the smell of fresh coffee from the galley as you take a morning swim. It is the exhilaration of sail as you feel the wind in your face and the tug of the ship's wheel. It is pearly pink dawns, sunlit afternoons, and quiet evening breezes. It is exotic destinations ashore, sometimes two and three all in one day. Nicholson Yacht Charters represents a fleet of carefully chosen private, fully-crewed charter yachts. These fabulous, fully-equipped craft -- both sail and power -- are available worldwide for parties of any size. In 1949, Harry S Truman was beginning his second term in the White House, "South Pacific" was a success on Broadway, and in the Caribbean Sea, the 70' schooner MOLLIHAWK sailed quietly into English Harbor on the island of Antigua.
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