IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.

51 S. Spring Street Suite 125A Elgin, IL
For thousands of years the exotic colors of the peacock has stood as a symbol of Luxury, Beauty & Pride. And just as this intriguing bird mesmerizes you with its brilliantly vibrant feathers, IJORERE captivates your eyes with an array of imaginative designs. IJORERE The Invitation, Inc. Pronounced E-Jaw-Ray-Ray and derived from a Yoruba-Nigerian meaning, Ijo Rere is actually two words made one. ‘Ijo’ means Day and ‘Rere’ means Grand. IJORERE sums up how your special occasion should be, a day that is grand. IJORERE is the very first stationery company that began using a popular African fabric known as “ankara” (Batik) on paper. This signature design catapulted IJORERE’s popularity worldwide, and especially amongst the West African Diaspora. Our event venue, Ola' la'! IJORERE offers 2,000 square feet of eclectic luxury suitable for engagement parties, corporate galas, business meetings, intimate weddings, baby & bridal showers, dinner parties, and other GRAND parties. Your day comes but once in a life time, shouldn't it be IJORERE… a day that GRAND?
Package Pricing

Wedding Invitation Package Starting At $1,000 Per 100 Set

$1,000 Per Event

Wedding Suite Invitation Packages Starting At $1,500 Per 100 Set

$1,500 Per Event
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