Beauty by JaLeeda LLC

Snellville, GA
JaLeeda is a makeup artist based in Atlanta but not limited too, owner of Beauty by JaLeeda LLC. She has been fulfilling her passion and dream for over 3 years. Received an education at Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy in Professional Makeup Artistry for TV/Film. With dedication she has spent her time specializing in beauty makeup for photo shoots and video productions. Makeup artistry is her form of expression to be unique, creative, artistic, and diverse. She believes in her ambition to be different, she believes in her passion, but most importantly she believes in only providing quality results. JaLeeda recently stated, "My client's face is my canvas. When I have completed my art and I see a boost in my clients confidence, where their outer beauty reflects their inner beauty, then I have accomplish something." She does not believe that makeup is used for covering flaws, but to enhance the beautiful features God has already blessed us with.
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