Recommendations of Fairy Godmother Wedding Coordinator/Event Service

Recommendations of Fairy Godmother Wedding Coordinator/Event Service

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"A Magical Day!", An Eventective User from Ridgecrest CA
July 7th will be added to one of the days I consider to be a hallmark in my life, on that day my son married the love of his life. Thanks to Denise the FairyGodmother, their special day was magical. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding for the two! It was simply wonderful! Every detail was considered, all of which culminated in a day that was exquisitely executed. From the place settings on the table to the final dance of the day, all combined to create a fairy tale wedding experienced by all!
Thank you Denise for a truly magical day!!


"Grateful for FairyGodmother!", An Eventective User from california
Planning my one and only daughter’s wedding was a dream come true. The time we spent together throughout that year was priceless. As the day approached; it occurred to us that there would be quite a bit of last minute touches, particularly on the ‘day of’ the event, to ‘fluff’ and make perfect. Now, I am a ‘hands-on, do-it-yourself’ kind of woman. The thought of letting go and trusting a project to someone else was unthinkable, (especially this most precious one!) My daughter suggested we contact a Coordinator. I wanted no part of that and was prepared to stand my ground…until, with tears in her eyes, she told me how very much she wanted her Mom by her side on her special day. I gave in, she made the call and Fairy Godmother brought their knowledge, skill and understanding hearts to our very first meeting. The ‘peace of mind’ began to envelop both my daughter and myself. Well, of course, the day went off perfectly! The Fairy Godmother team showed up in full force and took care of every last detail they agreed to and more. I’m positive I would have been running around like a crazy person and headed for a nervous-breakdown, without them. I will be forever grateful for getting to spend those last peaceful, cherished moments with my ‘baby girl’ before her walk down the aisle. Fairy Godmother helped make this all possible! I fully recommend them to help make all your wedding day wishes come true!


"So grateful to our Fairy Godmothers.", An Eventective User from Bakersfield
Our daughter was about a week into planning her wedding, when we came across a flyer for the Fairy Godmother "day of" Wedding Coordinating Service. We had not considered seeking any help in the planning of the wedding or for the day itself, so my first thought was 'psh, how hard can it be to put together a wedding and reception?'

Two weeks later we were calling Fairy Godmothers asking for their help.

Colleen was amazing. She took care of every detail that we needed in the planning process, following up to keep things in order to assure that the day would come together smoothly. Through the entire six months of planning she was in constant contact making sure all was well and plans were on schedule.

Looking back at it now, my thought when hiring The Fairy Godmothers was it was going to be great having some of the stress taken off our shoulders during the planning. However, they offered so much more than that. Having The Fairy Godmothers there on the wedding day, allowed us to enjoy the day and not be concerned about any details whatsoever. There were a few hiccups on that day, and had it not been for Colleen, Pam, Leticia and Denise we would have been frantic. They took such good care of us and made sure our bride and groom were relaxed and worry free. We were able to simply show up and enjoy watching our Chelsea marry her Darin.

Thank you so very much Fairy Godmothers.

~ The MOB


"Amazing!", An Eventective User from Bakersfield
Colleen was my "Day-of" Wedding Coordinator from the Fairy Godmother team. After looking at multiple venues around California, My husband and I decided to do a large wedding in Las Vegas in the Bellagio Ballrooms.
I didn't know if it would be possible to hire Colleen because, not only was the wedding out of town, it was in a different state! However, the very next day I emailed Colleen. She agreed to meet my mother and I to discuss my wedding, and, by the end of the first meeting, my mother looked and me and said, " Who should I make the check out to." have to know my mother is hard to please, and it took her 15 minutes to know Colleen was perfect.
Throughout the next couple of months, anytime I needed her or had a question, Colleen was right there to point me in the right direction. It didn't matter if it was questions about vendors or help with a Reception dress, I knew she would be there to guide me. This is what is so confusing about their name...they are way more than a "day of" coordinator.
When the weekend of my wedding came around, I again proved my choice right. Before I could finish a request to Colleen, she was already on her phone, fixing the problem or executing the job. I was calm and able to enjoy every tiny detail that I had planned for the last year.
Colleen and the Fairy Godmother team put their hearts into every wedding they coordinate. They make you feel as though everything is going to be alright, and, for a bride on her wedding day, that is a huge task. They never ask for the recognition, they just do it with a warm smile on their face. Not only that, they have the ability to make EVERY guest at your wedding feel just as important as the Bride and Groom. If any bride is considering a coordinator, please know that your wedding day will execute exactly as you had planned since you were a little girl. They are amazing people to work with and to know!

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