Independent Scentsy Consultants The Scentsy Mission: To bring Value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul. Ask us how to order amazing product, earn free products by hosting your own Scentsy party, or how to earn money from home by becoming part of the Scentsy Family! LIKE IT? Check out the current specials and scent of the month, then place an order today! LOVE IT? Host a party or basket party and earn free products! GOTTA HAVE IT? Ask how you can turn your passion into income, all from the convenience of your own home! PRODUCTS ? Consultants Available for Scentsy Parties and/or Scentsy Basket Parties, contact us for details ? Scentsy Warmers (Premium, Sihouette Collection, Full Size, Mid Size, and Plug-in Warmers) ? Scentsy Blocks - Over 80 Scents to choose from! ? Scentsy Fragrances (Room Sprays, Scent Circles, Scent Paks, Travel Tins, and Fragrance Foam) ? Scentsy Buddies & Baby Scentsy Buddies ? Layers By Scentsy (Bath Tablets, Shower Gel, Shower Cream, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Body Spray, Solid Perfume, Washer Whiffs, Dryer Discs, Hand Soap, and Hand Cream) ? We're always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team, ask us how to become a member of the Scentsy Family for only $99!
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