4 Square Church

1120 4th St NE Watertown, SD

Amazing options for Wedding, An Eventective User from Watertown, SD

10 years ago my wife and I wed in 4 Square Church, in Watertown, SD. My wife had ideas for the design and went over them with the maintenance manager and the pastor. Having been in the sanctuary a number of times, I didn't see my wife's ideas fitting. However, at the rehearsal I was astonished at the level of work they put in to change the scenery into what my wife envisioned. They had pulled out the stage and put up an elevated pedastal with an arch. Tables had been set up for the reception, everything was very nicely arranged. 5 years ago friends of ours married in the same church. They had a completely different ideas and went with a more traditional style. Pews that weren't used were pulled out and cleaned. The stage was rotated out for a traditional altar. The windows were draped with blue(official color for the wedding) satin and caused most of the room to have a blue tint. Again this was exactly what was wanted(from my understanding). In both of these circumstances the cost for the reservation of the actual sanctuary was under %500. That included alterations to the whole set up. Catering was offered, wedding counseling, planner even an extra attendant for my wife and her friend. Lists were given to us for flowers and photographers, including discounted rates at certain ones who work or attend the church. Because of these two weddings in particular, as well as having been there for 5 other weddings, I would recommend this Church for a wedding. They are not pushy as far as religion, they accommodate almost any request(within reason) and you get extremely good service. My wife and I had saved up $5,000 for the wedding just for what we had, splitting the cost with her family. The total wedding, including dress/tux, rings, flowers, photography and the services provided at the church we spent $3,000, this compares to friends of ours who were married at another church in town 3 months later who spent over $8,000 and had less overall services. An amazingly customizable experience to have a wedding.