Pacha's by the Pound

Wakarusa, KS
We do catering to the highest level of culinary expertise. We can do anything based on the clients needs. We have the capabilities to do on-site or off-site catering. Prices are based upon what the client wants and what their budget is. BBQ is also another aspect of our business, we enjoy participating in BBQ competitions. Our last competition we were the grand champion and we placed 66th overall at the American Royal this past year. We can cater around 600+ people depending on the complexity of the menu. Kode Pacha is a Professional Executive Chef with over 8 years of experience and his wife Jennifer has 6 years of catering experience with the Sports and Entertainment industry. Co-Owners Vince and Jacey Pacha have joined Kode and Jennifer over the past year and have really excelled in the catering industry and done great things with BBQ, they are looking forward to doing a lot more!