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About Imagine Weddings

Chris-Ann D. Lake is the owner of Imagine Weddings, a full services wedding business in Victoria, BC Canada. She began by officiating her best friends wedding over a decade ago and has since gone on to help many couples achieve the weddings they've always imagined. She feels privileged to be such an important part of your day and hopes to do whatever she can to make it memorable! SERVICES OFFERED: Officiating The most important item to book for your special day is an officiant to preside over the legalities of your ceremony. This is one aspect that you might think is okay to leave until the last minute; however, this can limit your choices as to the person or the type of ceremony you want. The cultural background, religion, personality, and experience of an officiant are all items to consider when choosing the right person to fill this role. Booking early will allow us plenty of time to discuss your vision. Custom Ceremonies As a licensed minister with All Seasons Weddings, I have the freedom to perform religious or non-religious, traditional or non-traditional ceremonies. I can include a heritage moment from your traditions or create space for a family member to do so on your behalf. Other members of your party may want to give a reading or blessing in your ceremony, and I can guide and include them. Thinking of doing something even more memorable? I am down for any adventure. So if your vision is to get married on top of a mountain after a helicopter ride, or while jumping out of a plane, I want to help make it happen. LGBTQIA Ceremonies I offer my services to LGBTQIA couples. If you are looking for a person who will go above and beyond to accommodate your needs or desires - I would love to talk to you. I have experience in creating and holding safe and mutually respected spaces and will collaborate with you to achieve the wedding you have always wanted. Vow Renewals Vow renewal ceremonies can look and be anything you imagine it to be. From something sweet and simple with just you and myself, to a full reenactment of your big day that includes friends and family. Regardless of the day, I will work with you to make your second walk to the altar just as special, if not more so, than before. Commitment Ceremonies Some couples do not have a need to make things legal. You may be divorced, visiting from a different country, or have been together for so long that you do not see a need to get the government involved anymore. All of these are fine reasons to skip the signing as you head down the aisle. Marriage Preparation Helping you get organized for your special day is one thing, but to work with you beforehand to think about what kind of marriage you want to create after, is another. As a certified Life Coach and a trained marriage preparation facilitator, I am excited to be able to work with you in this capacity.