Live Event Painter - John Gingrich

Vancouver, BC

About Live Event Painter - John Gingrich

John Gingrich is a live painter who captures the joy of your wedding day on canvas, realistically and fast. Identifiable figures are painted in each painting. This personal touch always surprises and enlivens guests. Bright colours, realistic backgrounds and facial expressions are emphasized. While painting, John keeps the atmosphere light with pleasant conversation for all age groups. An exquisite, permanent piece of art is created that memorializes the love the couple shares. Services Provided The exchanging of vows, the first dance, banquets and after parties are just some of the scenes that can be painted on the client's special day. Portraits painted of the newlyweds are also available. Multiple paintings can be completed in one event. Clients determine the size of the canvas, amount of paintings to be completed and what scenes they would like depicted. Face painting and caricature services are also provided. The Process John arrives one hour early to paint in the background. When the event begins, John paints the specific figures and actions in the composition. He also takes pictures that he will use for reference to complete the painting as the night progresses. The painting is finished before the end of the event, and is given to the newlyweds! John can also take the piece into his studio for further refinement and detail, finishing the painting one week after the ceremony. The piece is ready to be hung immediatley after it is finished, and looks great with or without a frame.

Package Pricing

John Gingrich
$950 - $3,500 /event
Pricing for all event types