Ballard Blossom

1766 Nw Market St Seattle, WA
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Stunning, An Eventective User from Renton, WA

Honestly, I'm perfectionistic...usually I'll give a place I really, really like 4 stars (and wish I could give them 7 or 8 out of 10!) On my 10 pt scale, 10 would be FLAWLESS - a Deity might not get a 10 on a bad day! :) That said, if you seek a florist, Ballard Blossom compels me to surrender the rare 5 of 5. It is easy to overlook the store...the outside seems so small for the quantity of wonders within. I think if I drove everywhere I might never have discovered this treasure - but I was walking from Fred Meyers to the bus stop under 15th, and realized the small business that had occupied the north end of the Ballard Bookshelves building was gone. What used to be there? Some kind of fitness place? Not sure. But something new moved in quietly, like vines spreading unnoticed over a disused wall, until one day their flowers burst into sudden brilliant color! The thing that most impressed me, was the creativity of their plant arrangements. So very original and innovative! I've seen photos on their website of work they've done for special occasions, and it makes me wish I could go back in time and change my wedding! And so many exotic and interesting plants! Did seeing Avatar make you wish you could have alien flora in your cubicle? Well, these are all native Earth species, though some of them sure look like they might have been imported from off-world! From experience you know the price of such items would make you believe they were imported from another planet! Well, leave that expectation at the door! I could not believe how reasonable the prices were!!! You know that shop with the plants and flowers that are high-priced, high maintenance devas, that has a snooty owner who acts like you need an appointment to ask a question? Well, this place is like that store's rebellious daughter that she isn't speaking to, who is clever, charming, and sells things at cheap prices just to tick-off her mother! Why are they so affordable? Because the young married couple that owns and operates the place 'wants to keep their prices low so everyone can enjoy beautiful plants'. Honestly, from some people, that would have seemed like just a trite line...but they are so earnest and sweet, that its obviously genuine. The very best part of the store, truly, is them. Their friendly, helpful attitude is worth at least one star in and of itself.