Two Man Group

Saskatoon, SK

About Two Man Group

Two Man Group is comprised of Todd Gursky and Darren Hrytsak. We have a combined experience of over 40 years in the local music scene. Todd has played drums, guitar and bass for many years in various groups. From rock to country blues to even Jazz Todd has honed his skills through out the province. Darren has played piano, synthesizer and guitar in a number of groups covering way two many styles to mention. Todd and I both sing and with the addition of guitar, piano and accordion there are not to many songs we can't do. Our song list is currently around 80 songs and growing. We are hoping to get to the 100 songs by the end of this year which would enable our customers to customize their event by picking the songs that they wish to hear at there event. How do two men pull of a full band sound??????? Good question, we have pre recording the tracks on a Midi Sequencer which allows us to put in the basics, drums and bass guitar but it also allows us to add full horn section, strings, percussion or any other sound needed to make the music as authentic as possible. Todd and myself have spent an unknown amount of hours programing these songs and bringing them to you in a live venue. Please call if you have any questions about Two Man Group by contacting us on Facebook or check us out on You Tube. *NOT DISPLAYED* Darren 220-4711