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Santa Cruz, CA
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Interfaith wedding officiant. Non denominational minister specializing in joining couples of different/or no faith backgrounds. Taking the varied threads of world religions and creating a tapestry of understanding, respect and love. I honor all relationships and faiths. If you call on God, or Buddha, Higher Power, or just honor your connection to others through respect, I see spirit, which is the part of you calling for a purpose and a unique reason for being. The part of us that wants more out of life than just existing day to day. That which strives for kindness, connection and love. I can personalize your ceremony to represent your own felt sense of spirit or being. We can have fun and find meaning in your belief in your partner. A very great gift in our world today. I am in my 10th year of celebrating life relationships. Religious, spritual or basic civil unions. Reasonable fee 325-400
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