Penrich The Magician

Santa Clara, CA

About Penrich The Magician

1.. Special Children's Magic Show-- fun for the whole family Small groups, personal attention to that special some-one 2.. Adult Magic with a Little Spice -- fun for that special party, Small or large groups, dinner or just parlor size Some Ideas: comedy magic warm-up getting the audience to participate walk-around -- fun for all hand to hand magic ( no battle, just fun ) table to table magic ( in your hand, not in your face ) three-rope routing (professors nightmare for two) vanishing handkerchief... adult comedy silk vanish, card-through card (card warp), comedy hand-chopper, flipping aces (4 ace routine), a and comedy handcuffs. If this is what you wanted, it will be enjoyable for all. All Things Magical -- Lets Make Magic Together Call Any Time: (408) - 940-1799 E-Mail: *NOT DISPLAYED*