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California Central Coast Santa Barbara, CA
Are your events a smoking good time? Looking for something unique for your next wedding, birthday, corporate event or private party? Invite your guests to have a cigar! With years of experience and Team Members located across the country, The Cigar Guys have been the trusted cigar catering company for companies such as Google, Oakley, Quickbooks, Accenture, Pandora Radio, United Way & Pacific Life, as well as hundreds of golf tournaments and over 500 brides & grooms. Smoking a cigar is an attainable luxury and universally recognized as a sign of celebration. Adding the pleasure of cigars will give your guests something to remember- smoking with family, friends or business colleagues is an opportunity to tell stories, laugh and bond over a unique, shared experience. Specializing in helping first-time smokers discover the joy of cigars, every event includes our Signature Cigar Service - a The Cigar Guys Team Member will assist your guests pick the perfect cigar for their taste, then properly cut and light their cigar while answering questions about cigars and the cigar lifestyle, offering interactive education and entertainment for your guests. We offer live cigar rolling, hosted cigar bars, and the seminar "Cigars 101 - From Seed to Smoke” and have designed programs for groups ranging from 6 guests to over 600. We strive to meet every special request- please visit us at or email *NOT DISPLAYED* to learn more about us and request a custom quote for your next event. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!
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