Agape Studios

189 Liberty Sterret NorthEast, Suite 301, Salem, OR

About Agape Studios

Agape Studios is one of the premier wedding and event photographers in the Willamette Valley. We approach photography as unique, artful imagery. We utilize dramatic lighting and settings to develop timeless images that are deep, rich and vibrant. We do more than take pictures...we capture the "Agape" (love) of life. Our Beliefs: * We believe that photography is art. * We believe photography should have life. It should be vibrant, beautiful and engaging. * We believe life passes by too fast. Moments must be captured to be remembered. * We believe in "friends" more than "clients". If you become a "client", but don't become a friend, then we did something wrong. * We believe your photographer should be a professional but not up-tight, arrogant or obnoxious. * We believe that if you hire us for your wedding, you will look back years later and consider it an excellent choice. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your special day!