Swan Cove Manor

502 N Talbot St, Saint Michaels, MD

About Swan Cove Manor

What could make the day you have always dreamed of better? How about not just having the option to celebrate for 1 day, but celebrating for a whole weekend. We offer all of the services you want and need for a wedding, with an option to customize your own all inclusive. Looking for a different atmosphere to motivate employees, build business relationships, incentivize top earners? Whatever the case may be to gather and go over business endeavours or trainings, Swan Cove has you covered. Have you looked high and low for somewhere that will provide the perfect setting and accommodate your size family in ONE location? Look no more. Swan Cove Manor has provided space for small, medium and large family reunions. Getting everyone together in one spot can be challenging, so whether you are looking for a weekend get together or a longer stay. We offer everything you need to sit back, relax and do what your family does best!
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