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The Perfect Limousine Experience, An Eventective User from Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking for a truly wonderful limousine experience, I highly recommend giving Maxim Limousine Worldwide a chance to meet your needs. I am recommending Maxim to anyone in the market for a limousine rental and have been for a little over a year now based on personal experience with the company. A little over a year ago I was scouring the web in search of a quality limousine company with decent prices when I came across Maxim Limousine's website. Their website impressed me right away, with it's clean modern easy to navigate layout, high quality pictures of all limousines offered, lists of services, and 24 hour customer assistance phone lines, yet I was still skeptical. Many of the other sites I had come across with such high quality websites were outrageously priced, and when I went to see their limousines in person, their limousines were well worn, had scratches, tears in the upholstery, or were just not at all what was advertised. This was not the case with Maxim Limousines though! I called their 24 hour hotline around 3 AM, and was very happy to find a courteous, helpful person on the other line. I was quickly given an incredible quote on a full night in a SUV type limousine for my daughter's Prom night, the price of picking all occupants up at their houses, transporting them to their prom, and dropping everyone off afterwards all included in the quote, something a few other companies had tried to hide. I was happy to find upon visiting the Phoenix location the next day that all their limousines looking as amazing as they did on their website, clean, polished, amazing interiors free of any blemish, and was told the limousine would be stocked with non-alcoholic beverages and snacks as a courtesy. I quickly reserved the SUV type limousine my daughter and friends had their eye one and soon they were off to their prom. I did not ride with them but they all reported the driver was very safe, the ride was smooth, and everything went exceptionally well. As a parent I would gladly recommend the company to anyone in the market for a limosuine, the company was great, they offered amazing customer service, reasonable pricing, and assured me that all drivers were subject to background checks, and a wide variety of training and testing, something that put my mind a bit more at ease with the idea of letting my daughter and her friends book a limousine for the prom and attend without me riding along. I have also recommended Maxim to a number of friends for various events, weddings, bachelor parties, sweet sixteens, or just a night out on the town in luxury and all have reported great experiences. I would recommend them for their pricing, customer service, and the truly massive selection of vehicles offered. Maxim offers more than just limousines if you are looking for something else, shuttles, tour type vans, various RV type vehicles, are all offered alongside their giant selection of classic limousines, Hummer types, SUV varieties, and more.