DJ TL SMOOTH Event Productions

6332 Raleigh St., Orlando, FL

About DJ TL SMOOTH Event Productions

We Supply Sound for Parades, Concerts & Festivals We can handle events from 100 to 3500 people at affordable pricing ? Why buy sound for 10,000 when all you need is sound for 3000? Most Central FL fests are simply over paying. When your guests sit 1000' away, they want to talk, not listen. Do you really need the added expense for your fest? Our system sounds better and can save you money. DJ TL Smooth rents a Pro Venue Performance concert speaker system that will give you the volume and clarity that you require and can handle 3500 people. 12,800 watts RMS plus monitors. Our system just sounds better than our competitors for most music/fest applications. Our new MX32r digital mixer will handle 32 channels of digital audio with 16 outputs. We can run our system as normal 50 meter (165') FOH and supply multiple iPad controllers for your engnieers. We also offer 6 UHF-R wireless mics that are considered the finest for live or broadcast. After hearing our quality sound, you'll ask yourself . . . Why pay more?