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About Bev Knox Consulting Firm

Find Love in 2011... Let US Help YOU! Process Easy as 1, 2, 3… Our Team of Professionals are Waiting to Assist YOU! Step 1: Let Us Upscale YOUR Personal Image Step 2: Utilize our Upscale Matchmaking Services Step 3: Attend our Upscale Singles Events Upscale Matchmaking Services Services differ according to client needs and is discussed fully during consultation. Day or evening appointments are available. We can come to you. Services are Discreet & Strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Your personal information will NOT be shared in any way. Services are designed just for YOU! A personal approach is taken based YOUR needs. Services are designed for serious clients seeking long-term relationships. Our clients range from doctors, lawyers, actors, business professionals, and the like. Because of the high profile status of some of our clients, we do NOT post a live database or profile for public viewing. Our clients are very private and every measure is taken to ensure their privacy. Clients are only matched with other members that we think is suitable for them based on their description of their potential partner during our initial assessment. Call us toll free, if you have any questions. 1- *NOT DISPLAYED*