Chanterelle To Go

Northampton, MA
Chanterelle is a Farm-to-Table food cart and caterer featuring classic American fare with a modern French twist.
Package Pricing


Attendees: 6-200 | $10.50 Per Person

Office Luncheon

Attendees: 6-200 | $15 Per Person

Button Level Dinner Buffet

Attendees: 12-200 | $18 Per Person

Cocktail Package

Attendees: 12-200 | $20 Per Person

Oyster Level Buffet

Attendees: 12-200 | $25 Per Person

Morel Level Buffet

Attendees: 15-200 | $35 Per Person
Event Spaces
ASLI is a modern Mediterranean personal chef and catering services. In ASLI we believe that every event has its own character, therefore the menu should be costume made and suitable for your budget. We always searching for the most unique ingredients and using an unusual cooking technique to bring you the best dining experience.