Braun & Krochak

798 Hilton Blvd Newmarket, ON
Kira Braun, Soprano, and Peter Krochak, Piano, have been performing together since 2013. In addition to concert appearances, they have produced 3 CD's together as well. Music Genres range from Classical to Showtunes to Operatic Arias. We can play weddings, receptions, dinners, concerts, and recitals, for your art gallery opening, or your living room party. Kira's voice type is a light soprano (no nasty vibrato here!) with a high range and good flexibility. Peter's artful and sensitive piano is a welcome accompaniment, and he also plays solo pieces such as Chopin, Debussy, etc, that will delight you. The duo are easy to get along with, and will highlight any event you have. We can bring a keyboard along, but are happiest when there is a good grand piano to play!