Magician Raj

Mississauga, ON
MAGIC as an art has fascinated, thrilled and amused all of us from times immemorial. From streets to courts of royalty onto the grand stage and television today. Developing over the years, it has reached the Modern Stage and Television. MAGIC is an art which takes us into a dream world where impossible is made possible. Vanishing a coin, an elephant, an aircraft ! Out of thin air, producing a flower, a tiger, a helicopter, a lovely damsel ! a magical world which entertains all ages – young and old. For a fascinating Magic show by Magician Raj for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, get-to-gathers, Corporate events or Schools. Contact Magician Raj on *NOT DISPLAYED* for videos please visit youtube and type "Mississauga Magician" in search call Raj for a quote and availability.