U4EA Music Productions

PO Box 1604 Milford, PA
U4EA (EUPHORIA) is a fun, high energy, exciting, great sounding party band. We are a 5 piece band consisting of 2 female lead singers (one plays Drums also) and 3 male performers (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards). Our sound is tight, like the record, with great harmonies, and we look great as well (even it I do say so myself). We have been performing together as U4EA for over 6 years, and all are professional, seasoned musicians, each with over 30 years of performing experience. We play the music that you want to hear, and party to. We have a wide range repertoire including; Disco, Dance, Rock, Soul, Hits of 70's 80's. 90's, and Today's Top 10, Jazz, Contemporary Country, Classical, Motown, R&B, Blues, Big Band, and Ethnic. Most of all, we have fun! We really enjoy playing for your guests, and that comes through in our performance. GREAT MUSIC IS THE KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL WEDDING PARTY!