Tasty Witness

2609 NE 189 St., Miami, FL

About Tasty Witness

If I could define myself using five words they would be, good taste, organized, committed, art lover, and romantic. Given these qualities, planning events have became my strength. I believe that every event offers a unique opportunity to become a part of someone’s life. Although I am diplomat, event planning is my passion. I have planned various events from small family gatherings, exhibitions, presidential campaigns, large concert venues, cocktail parties, and fund-raising events. Whatever the requirements are in an event, I am sure that I can surpass them and offer an unforgettable experience. I am half spanish half venezuelan by papers, venezuelan by heart, and european by choice, FUSION describes me. A little glimpse into my passions: I love my son, I love to travel, I love my family and friends, I love to discover new places and try new restaurants, I love cooking and eating great food, I love museums and exhibitions, I love the sun and the beach, I love the sound of laughter, I love being in love

Package Pricing

Standard Package/ 80 Guest/ $75 per Guest
Attendees: 80 min | $75 /person
Pricing for all event types
Premium Package/150 Guest/ $80 per Guest
Attendees: 150 min | $80 /person
Pricing for all event types
Deluxe Package/ 250 Guest/ $85 per Guest
Attendees: 250 min | $85 /person
Pricing for all event types