MBCC~The Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Drive Miami Beach, FL
Centerplate is the exclusive caterer at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Centerplate is a national food service corporation providing premier Convention Centers across the country with quality catering expertise. Centerplate delivers more than great food- we create experiences that build brands. We tailor thoughtful programs designed for maximum impact based on each client’s objectives and strategy. This approach permeates every aspect of our business and raises the bar of Culinary in more than 130 venues, which is backed by an All-Star line-up. Together, we craft and deliver extraordinary entertainment experiences here in the heart of Miami Beach. Centerplate has a wonderful on line interactive virtual food and beverage planning website that allows our customers the ease of viewing our contact information and many facilities national and international with the touch of a finger. In addition to the many wonderful features it has, it not only allows our customers to determine which of our catering services that will suit their needs, it also allows all our clients to view our menus online and provide you with necessary price information.

Nice Facility, An Eventective User from Sacramento, CA

I went to the famed Miami Beach Convention Center for a diplomatic conference a few months ago. This place certainly is one of the finest convention centers I have ever been to, being fairly retro modern in it's design. This place blows other area convention centers out of the water. That said, my experience at the Convention Center was wonderful. The facilities, despite their sheer size and the huge number of people who walk through them on a daily basis, are kept in a remarkably pristine, clean, and nice looking condition. If this place was their native habitat, dust bunnies would be an endangered species. That said, the center staff came off as a bit aloof and somewhat rushed, though that is somewhat understandable due to the sheer size of the conference and the difficult, rushed, and tiring jobs that these people no doubt had. Nonetheless, though, they did their jobs quickly and efficiently and without complaint (much more than I could say about many other facilities of this type in other areas.). The food that we ate was catered by an outside company, so I never got to experience the wonders of their version of convention center faire (though considering the length of the conference, I'm glad I didn't; food like this gives too much opportunity for Monteczuma's revenge to settle in, at least for me.) The restroom facilities were kept nice and clean, and they even had a payphone or two nearby (a rarity these days) as well as several chilled, filtered drinking fountains. Overall, my experience was good, and I would definitely return here again, being a fan of both the Miami Beach Convention Center and the Miami weather.

This place is unbelievable!, An Eventective User from Lansing, MI

My company participated in a trade show almost a year ago. This was before their renovation plans. I'm was surprised by the amount of space each vendor was allowed, it was practically as big as a master bedroom in a house, and on top of that, there are 2 levels of that going on, with a 3rd floor for good measure. There was plenty of walking room between the aisles and vendors and everything was laid out in a way that just made sense. The event organizers were able to work with the staff quite effectively to get everyone organized and in place long before the trade show started. I felt it was their effort that made this trade show a huge success. I'm also surprised at the community it drew. There were hundreds of people, not including vendors, ready to go as soon as the event opened. This Conference Center is located in the heart of South Beach, so you've got to love that! Also, our exhibition had a mobile kiosk that we used to display our products and services and it required a outlet. The staff was able to provide us with the necessary cords and/or converters we needed to plug into their system. Overall, the display worked out great, and we could position where it was within our area. The food was generaly okay, it wasn't world stunning, but it was better than what we are normally subjected to at trade shows. I was overly impressed at how clean and organized they were though, it was a pleasure to sit down when we could and eat.