Unique Hospitality

332 West Broadway, Suite 1604, Louisville, KY

About Unique Hospitality

Unique Hospitality clients can expect exquisite style, meticulous planning and flawless execution that will exceed all expectations. You only have one chance to get your event right; there are hundreds of details that go into making it perfect and thousands of things that can go wrong. Please don't leave your event to chance, your UH coordinator will ensure you that your goals will be met, you won't go over budget, your guests will be taken care of, and you will be able to enjoy your event. Many people look at hiring an event coordinator as a luxury for big budgets and the first area to cut back when shaving costs. When you work with a UH coordinator, we can actually save you money by being your advocate and teaching you wiser ways to spend your money. You and your guests deserve to be honored and enjoy your special occasion! The only way to assure that happening is to use Unique Hospitality for all of your special event needs.