Linda's Place Of Hawaii

P O Box 336 Kailua Kona, HI

Linda Cooley, from Mansfield, TX

Contacted Linda in 1998 to order flowers for my wedding. We have visited her and Wil while in Hawaii on our honeymoon. Have ordered from her many many times over the years and have referred lots of people to her. I am disappointed that she moved back to Arizona, but do keep in touch. Her flowers have graced many events that I have had, and many of my friends have enjoyed a bouquet. Best service ever!! And we have enjoyed her fantastic personality.

Jean Judy- Gig Harbor Pet Sitting, from Gig Harbor, WA

I have been ordering from Linda for over 10 years! Flowers are freshly cut the day of shipping, and the packaging of the flowers are done with such care! To me Linda deserves a 6 star rating! Thanks Linda for your service throughout the past years.