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December 7, 2012
Need Help!!!!!

I 'm an Atlanta Bride-2-B (9/14/13) with a very small budget from the quotes I have received. We are looking to stay between 5500 & 6000 for the entire event. We are expect no more than 125 people and would like to find one location for the ceremony and the reception.
I have contacted a number of venues and I tell you...the quotes I have received range from 6000 (venue and food only) -14,000 for everything.
I know the further out you go the better the deal; but....I can't go too far out as I have alot of family coming in from out of town and they need accomodations fairly close to the hwy (get lost easily).

Looked at a few wedding planners but man...they are trying to break the bank also.
Call me cheap but I can't see giving someone 1500 if I still have to do the majority of the work.

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated. Angel Wings