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Posts: 1 July 27, 2010
I'm in Camp Lejeune, NC and am holding my wedding in Miami FL and was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to keep it under $20,000?
Posts: 21 October 11, 2010
You can also do a do it yourself wedding do your own centerpieces see if you can get discounts for bringing your own caterer or alcohol

Guest July 30, 2010
The comments above are great! I can tell you some ways to eliminate. It is hard to eliminate "blood relatives" from the list...but if you haven't seen them since you were 5, they will probably just send a card or gift and not show anyway. However, if you are looking at friends and co-workers...
1) have an open house/house warming post wedding with cheese, wine, beer, fruit/veggie trays and send an invite to that - advising you are getting married but that you are having an intimate ceremony and would like to share the celebration - POST wedding. TRUE FRIENDS will "Get" this and understand.
2) If you have not spoken to them (until recently) in a year...they are not on the guest list.
3) You can always use the size of the venue to tell someone WHY you are having a smaller event and wish that you could invite them, but family had to "come first" on the guest list.
Frankly, people understand the economy has made it tighter on a lot of people.
If you don't feel any of my or the others ideas are appropriate...just switch to a "punch and cake" reception with a small intimate group invited privately to a dinner between the ceremony and reception or post reception. No one else will be the wiser!
Lastly, I unfortunately do not agree with Majestic Designs on this point...IMPORT your vendors! I am from Indianapolis, IN and I did an event out west - brought the vendors with me for photography, videography, DJ (yes with the shipping of his equipment), hair stylists and make up artists, all paper (invites, programs, etc), planner/coordinators, and designer for decor. Because we did not use the local vendors, with the cost of living being so much higher there, we saved the bride about 8K (and that was with the travel expenses being paid by the bride/groom! We even shipped the floral and used the hotel to put them together!
I do know this does not always work out for the best...but as a planner, we do compare these types of things before selecting the import option. For example, it sounds like DJtony would be an option where we would not have to import one team member. And if we did research and found others that would work with us, at a fair rate, we would keep those local...
However, cost of living in the MID West vs Miami is significantly different, so importing vendors can save a small fortune.
For more ideas, call (317-490-7894) or visit my website ( to send me an email directly.
Suz Haire, owner Studio Brides and Events
Posts: 30 July 29, 2010
@ Mackie - you took the words right out of my mouth. I am a stationer so I don't have a vested interest in the comment that I am about to make. Hire a wedding planner is STRONGLY suggested. Working with a budget and planning a wedding out of state can be VERY stressful. Hire someone in the area and allow them to do all of the leg work for you. You will more than likely come out saving money. I have the name of a planner in Miami if you are intersted. Feel free to email me at to request her contact information.
Posts: 7 July 27, 2010
im a dj that stay in miramar fl.i can help you with that price you can contact me at 954-391-0031 my name is tony
Posts: 30 July 27, 2010
All of the above suggestions are perfect. Only one was left out and as an event designer this may sound like self promotion, but since I am not in your area I believe I can safely post this suggestion. Although an event designer/planner seems like an added cost it can often save you money overall as well as create your dream wedding in a budget friendly way. A good designer will help you stay within your guidelines while making suggestions and creations that will make your wedding appear to be much more expensive and extravagant than it really is. Not to mention a wedding designer/planner often has vendor connections that can get you discounts!!! Most planners will give you a consultation for free. Check some out. Talk to married friends and or other wedding vendors in the area and find a good designer that offers budget management in their services, then schedule a free consultation. It certainly cannot hurt, and most of all it allows you to plan your wedding and enjoy your day stress free knowing that you dream day is in capable professional hands.

Good luck!
Simply Unforgettable Events by Mackie
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Posts: 157 July 27, 2010
I agree with the answers you've already received. Your budget is actually quite a generous one...depending upon the size of your wedding. Limit the size of the bridal party and the guests and think off-peak season, days and times if you want to maximize your dollar.

Best Wishes,
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL

Guest July 27, 2010
The best advice is to keep the guest list small; be ruthless in your consideration of who will come and who will be bringing guests or children. Have a brunch, cocktail party, dessert party or even an elegant beach barbecue. Consider a Friday, Sunday, an off month. Keep the bridal party small.

Celia Milton, NJ Wedding Officiant

Guest July 27, 2010
Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding. The best way to keep your wedding spending under control is to cut down on your wedding list. Only invite relatives and friends close to you. Don't add "guest" when inviting a single person. If you keep the wedding list under control you will then save on everything. For example invitations, food, centerpieces,favors, etc. Another idea is to have the wedding reception on a non busy day such as Friday or Sunday. Shop around for a reception place. You will find one in your price range.
Best Wishes,
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