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Posts: 1 July 23, 2010
Looking for a venue anywhere in New Jersey for a party
Posts: 12 October 28, 2010
To reach me for the venues and to look at our space and beautiful place just reach me at my email jessica@uprootrestaurant.com or give me a buss at 201-523-3581... we are located in Warren NJ
Posts: 12 October 23, 2010
Check out our Venue!! Uproot Restaurant in Warren NJ, It is Beautiful, There are plenty of options with different venues and wine lists. Check it out!
Posts: 2 July 29, 2010
i live in bergan county.. and just found the best.. BEST dj.. he goes all over new jersey/new york and stuff.. at the last min. my dj canceled.. and i was like ohmigosh.. and i called him and he was willing to work with me and compete with the other dj prices! hes his web address..
and what makes him convient is you type the date in the website and it tells you if hes free the day u want ur party!! good luck
Posts: 254 July 24, 2010
Dear Friend,

A little more info would be helpful, such as:

*Where in Jersey - closer to NYC or further south?
*# of guests
*What kind of party?
*Dancing? DJ or band?

This info would get you the right place at the right location for the type of party you are planning. Good luck and best!

Lise' Ramos


Posts: 19 July 23, 2010
I know of plenty reputable venues in New Jersey... Just need to know around how many people you will be inviting as some venues have minimums.

Guest July 23, 2010
Where are you located in NJ? Do you want to be at the shore, north or central?

Jenira's Event Planning

Guest July 23, 2010
What kind of party are you planning? Is it a small or large party? We have a nice community club in our area, but it depends on how large the party is. If it is a small wedding I know of a church with a hall for the reception. I also have other suggestions. You can visit us at socialgracesnj.com
Best Wishes,
Social Graces, Inc.

Guest July 23, 2010
Let me know a little more about your party and maybe I can help you. I do casino theme parties all over NJ and know most of the restaurants, halls, etc.
Check us out at Dicetwice2.com.
Respond with your info and I can perhaps make some suggestions.

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