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Guest July 18, 2010
I am the District Manager for Avon, and am looking for a small meeting room in Kailua Kona to accommodate about 20 to 25 Representatives for sales training. I'm aware of hotel facilities - but I don't have the budget to pay their HUGE rental fees. We don't need special equipment - but it does need to be indoors and air conditioned. I have all my own a/v equipment.

M. Herald

Guest November 12, 2011
I have a beautiful small airconditioned meeting room for rent in Kailua Kona .will accomodat up to 40 people at A VERY REASONABLE RATE. 808-334-1752

Guest June 10, 2011
I have a beautul room in a prestigeous centrally located office bldg in Kailua Kona that would accomodate approx. 30 to 50 people for meetings, seminars etc. please contact me if you might be interested and we can work sometbing out. R. Coatney

Guest July 19, 2010
PS- This would be a Monday or Tuesday night so hopefully offset a slow night at a great venue.

Guest July 19, 2010
Looking for a restaurant with a separate room that would be somewhat central to Portland, and enjoy havning a monthly group bring in 15-30 guests for a business networking event. We'd need appetizers for the tables, a waitress to appear occasionally to take drink and other food orders, and a somewhat private room from 6 - 8:30PM. I'd love it if it had a parking lot! Any ideas????

Guest July 19, 2010
I would suggest checking with local educational facilities and even church halls.

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