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Posts: 1 July 8, 2010
I need theme ideas cuz all of mine are lame and my mom doesnt want to spend a lot of money either so any venue ideas as well
colors: blue/purple/silver (i want something to do with stars)
venue: somewhere nice indorrs or outdoors
dj: needed to play 90s and today, top 40, a little bit of 80s too
attendees: 80ish
budget: less than $1000
any advice or suggestions woud be greaty appreciated smile

Guest September 23, 2012

A great inexpensive, green alternative to costly printed paper invitations is to use
TXVITES-custom made save the dates and invitations you send by text message. Receive
your RSVP's by text as well.

Save money by eliminating postage.
Nothing ends up in the garbage.
Posts: 3 July 17, 2010
Well, for a limited price I would rent a hotel room at a hotel that may have a pool on a roof and have a pool side party. Ask if you can reserve the pool area for that night and send special gift invitationss to your besties to sleep overnight at the hotel with you. Pool areas are normally pretty nice already, but to spunk it up set up a buffet table in the corner and decorate with stars. an inexpensive way to show off your colors is displaying foods with your themed colors ,get creative, use coloring dyes, purple punch, certain fruits and veggies or lots of desserts can be colored the way you want.

Decorating around the pool will really become an eye catcher, with floating stars in the pool and flowers surrounding the pool.

I hope this helps,
Nola Gifts and Baskets

Guest July 17, 2010
She's turning 16... not 21!

Shelby, you should look into local recreation parks. They sometimes let you rent out the space for a very cheap price. You can also look into women's clubs or VFW facilities in your area. You can get cheap decorations from craft stores and floral arrangements from the flower district in downtown. Purchasing large flowers allows your to make arrangements with very little flowers for very cheap. Use flowers that are in season.

You could also find some really cool star accessories and decorations at the craft store. spray paint them silver and add glitter and use lots of candles to resemble a starry sky.

Good luck to you and I hope you're sweet 16 turns out amazing!


Guest July 11, 2010
Hi shelby,
depending on where you are located would dictate the budget. let me know more of your details and i can research for you. i can also design great invites, sign-in posters for your guests and thank you cards matching your colors.

i would also recommend you having a small luncheon with your best 10 pals, and then invite everyone to a nice nightclub. if you tell the club it's your birthday, you reserve a table, they may let you and your party in for free. all you have to do is bring your own balloons and cake, and just buy a couple of bottles of champagne. everyone could buy their own drinks in the course of the night (the club would make their money that way if you guarantee them a certain amount of people) and just dance and have a great time. have one of your friends do the digital photography (I can always design a nice photo book for your later).

good luck!

Guest July 8, 2010
To add another perk for not much money a great Idea is a slideshow from your photos from birth to sweet 16.. watching photos move across the screen to your favorite songs will be a sure WIN! there is a company who will do it for not much money at all.
Posts: 385 July 8, 2010
Hi Shelby,

Why don't you have your event at a planetarium or if you don't have a planetarium in your community have it in a park? As it gets dark you could have a few (amateur or professional) astronomomers come by with telescopes, etc. and host a program for you all about the stars. I just located a website which may help you to find a few astronomers... through a local astronomy club. Alternatively, try the astronomy department at local college or university. You might also be able to find a "dj" through a local college radio station who might be majoring in astronomy.

It is great to hear about a young lady interested in science!!!!

If you follow through with this be sure to include something about it on the essay on your college applications.

If I can be of further help please feel free to post any followup questions on this forum.


Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro

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